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Saucy Glossie

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Lindsey Calla



Thanks to Zimmermann for the beautiful dress! I love the lattice detail on the shoulder.. plus I'm a sucker for anything Australian as you all well know..
Just got these new Aldo shoes yesterday for only $90! I was in desperate need for a nude pair of platforms and these super high suckers will fit in with the rest of my shoe family just perfectly.
Anoraks, cargo jackets, army jackets, call them what you will.. they are the best thing to wear over your party dresses at the moment! And since the weather is still cold-ish here, I can still wear mine.. Thanks again to LOFT and no thanks to the weather for not being super warm yet.
Stay Saucy,


Your Envite to Christian Louboutins

Lindsey Calla

Some people are born with an old soul, some a young soul, but me? I was born with a red soul.. a red sole to be correct. You see, Christian Louboutins are my weakness. I've never smoked, done any type of drug, so I consider these shoes the only vice that I have and though they look pretty harmless, these babies can pack a major punch to da wallet. Lucky for all red sole lovers across the country we can now get discounted Loubs up to 80 percent off.. How you ask?
About a month ago I took part in a shoot at the Cooper Square Hotel in NY for a new sample sale site called Envite. The brand spanking new sample sale site featuring designer merchandise for up to 80% off is launching this week and their first sale is CL. So my good friend Stacy Igel rounded up some rockin entrepreneurial women to kick off the site.
Shout out to the other fantastic women involved in the shoot:
Tara Smith- Celebrity Hairstylist (who just launched an eco friendly hair care line at Duane Reade)
Zoe Bell - Actress and Stuntwoman (she did the stunts for Uma in Kill Bill!)
Stacy M. Igel- Fashion Designer, Personality, and all around amazing
Ami Ankin- Producer (Her movie The Living Wake just hit theaters)
Samara D'Auria - Senior Fashion Director for Life & Style Magazine
Some behind the scenes shots and coverage in this week's US Weekly!
And because I love you I have a special VIP invite code! Use Lindsey19 to sign up!
I'll be sure to let you know when the sale goes live along with the blog post and shoot that we did!
*Also thanks to Photographer Sari Wynne

Cherry on Top

Lindsey Calla



Picked up this blazer at the White + Warren sample sale last week! I couldn't resist the pretty cherry color.. This outfit kinda reminds me of Alexander Wang a few seasons back when he did all of those colorful blazers..
And there is a difference between wearing a bra and wearing a bralette.. This bralette has pretty details that are meant to be seen and it covers enough and doesn't have anything sheer..perfect for high waisted shorts.


Something Different

Lindsey Calla

"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun."

This isn't something I would normally think to throw together, but I'm always up for experimenting with different shapes. A few weeks back the designers behind Falls invited me for a sneak preview of their sample sale, which was not only amazing because I got to go early, but also because I got to try on the garments with the designers in the room.
It sort of felt like a mini personal styling session. When I put on this dress over these pants (to keep things PG in the room) we sort of all looked at each other and thought...wait a minute, that looks kinda cool!
I've said a million times recently that I'm into the super drapey, flying squirrel kinda look so this dress immediately caught my eye... There is something about this combo with the long strand pearls that reminds me of the roaring 20's.
It also poses the question: Can you or would you pair a dress over wide-leg trousers?


A Western Hobo

Lindsey Calla




I have to admit that I'm not one to always be switching up my handbags.. I carry my life in them so it takes me forever to transfer everything over all the time.. However, when I saw this Hobo International bag I knew that it had to make the bag rotation for Spring.
You see, it meets all of the necessary requirements: cross-body strap? Check. Pretty neutral color? Check. A touch of D&G;? Check. A touch of bohemian chic? Check. Taylor Swift is a fan? Check. (Love her)
The best part? It is under $200 dollars. $168 to be exact which is quite simply amazing.
You can get one here: Click me!


Grey Matter

Lindsey Calla




I bought this dress in black at the Cynthia Steffe sample sale a few weeks back and I loved it so much that a few days later I snatched up the grey one as well on Gilt Groupe! Talk about workin the sample sales, but when you find something you really like you must stock up.
It's part kimono, part drape-a-licious, and has an elastic waistband, which all equal bliss in my mind. All in all it is one of my new go-to pieces.
I love pairing bright colors with grey because they feed off of each other really well...The grey tones down the bright shoe, but the shoe brightens up the dull grey.. When you are working with neons, grey is always a good color to mix in to tone things down and give something a sporty chic feel.
Somehow I managed to get the CV for Target wedges in both black and this yellow color and I still can't believe they were only $30! This is one of the best Target collaborations thus far because it really looks like the higher priced designer item.
I'm super exhausted from doing a segment this morning really early so I need to catch some rest!


Miu Kitty

Lindsey Calla









I've been obsessed with the Miu Miu Spring show and entire collection for a long time now and sadly so is everyone else in the world, which makes getting some of their pieces near impossible. Thankfully, Zara always comes up clutch in these situations. The cat print dress captures the Miu Miu Spring spirit perfectly!
I'm clearly still battling between wedges and stilettos especially now that I got these JCs yesterday.. They are so mega high and I mega love.
I'm still hoping that I find a pair of Miu Miu printed Mary Janes somewhere down the line at the end of the season when everyone is over them and I will lovingly still scoop them up and give them a great home.
I also was inspired by a recent NY Times article that focused on mixing prints.. I love this look and played around with it a little in this shoot.. Mixing stripes in with another print always feels fresh and unique.



April Showers

Lindsey Calla


I took a few days off from blogging to spend time with family and future in-laws that were visiting this weekend. On Saturday, we held a bridal shower for Paige, my brother's fiancee, at the Modern over looking the sculpture garden. It was one of those perfect New York days and I'm very excited to say that I will soon have 4 new sisters!
I just bought this long dress at the Falls sample sale this week and it ended up being perfect for the shower! There is something about this dress that makes me feel really earthy and bohemian.
With neutrals it is important to find the right one for your skin tone. At first I thought this dress would wash me out, but it has enough peach to it that it actually complements my coloring. I brought out its earthy vibe with a geode necklace and stacked woven bracelets from American Eagle.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Cheap Chic Chapeau

Lindsey Calla

If you haven't checked out Target's latest design collaborations, I suggest you do so before everything gets sold out. This Eugenia Kim hat was $16 and her actual brand name hats can cost anywhere from $300! A braid suits hats really well because if you have tons of hair like me, it keeps it all under control and keeps you cooler in the summer.
I really wanted to shoot my new Falls dress today, but sadly it is raining so I'll have to save that for another day! They are having a great sample sale in New York. Pieces range from $10 to $100! Check it out and tell the boys that SG sent you.
Today 12pm-8pm and Thursday 12pm-7pm
425 West 23rd street, suite 1bb

Read my interview with Philip and Leong from Falls HERE


Girly Goth

Lindsey Calla





I'm so not edgy. In fact, I'm completely polar opposite to anything goth or vampire chic. I know that look is really in right now, but this is about as edgy as it gets for me. I sort of went for corpse bride, but I feel like this looks more like a screenshot from an old Sicilian Dolce and Gabbana-esque movie.
This is one of my favorite shoots because that fear in my eyes in the last image is actually real.. we kept hearing weird sounds while we were shooting at an abandoned building.
This velvet and leather Cynthia Steffe dress is from their sample sale last week. It was $20. I am such a Cynthia Steffe girl. Even when I try some edge, I still retain some femininity so I pretty much stock up on a new wardrobe each sample sale they have because I can't get enough.
I've shopped many sample sales in my day so here are some tips:
1. Go knowing what you need and want in your wardrobe. It is a great time to stock up on some things that you've always wanted, but never actually buy
2. Wear a pair of underwear that you don't mind other people seeing. You should try things on since sample sizes vary and there are never changing rooms
3. Grab it even if you are indecisive. You can always subtract and chances are that item that you sorta loved will be gone if you leave it
4. Don't worry about finding the perfect fit. Because you are spending less on the item, you can spend more to get it tailored to fit your body
Happy deal hunting!


Full of Monet

Lindsey Calla

"One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art"
- Oscar Wilde




Feeding into my extreme maxi-anything addiction, I couldn't resist a resist this long draped Catherine Malandrino dress. The colors are heavenly and are blended like an old French Impressionist painting brought back to life by an amazing French designer.
These shoes were such an amazing deal. Ruffian always has Christian Louboutin do their runway shoes and every year they sell the ones that went down the runway on the cheap. I literally ran out of work one day to catch the showroom before they closed, bought the shoes, and politely begged them not to charge my card until the next day when my direct deposit hit. True story. That is the length I will go to to get Louboutins.. but wouldn't any girl?
They are quite possibly the hardest shoes to walk in and they hold my feet at an angle that doesn't even physically make sense, but they look oh so good on. They even still have the no-slip pads on the bottom from the runway show. I cherish them.
Beauty tip: Put a dab of Stila's Kitten eyeshadow in the corner of your eye to make them look bigger and brighter!


1 Blazer, 3 Ways

Lindsey Calla

Some of the best pieces in my closet are pieces that can really go the distance and work for any occasion. When White & Warren sent me this sweater blazer, I started throwing it on with everything. For $185 it makes a great basic, and neutral basics are the foundational key to having a great wardrobe.
Here's why this blazer can go the distance:
The sweater material makes this blazer work well for a casual look. Inspired by the grey color, I kept the look clean, crisp, and monochromatic. The material makes it relaxed and slouchy, yet still pulled together.
To make this blazer work for a work environment I belted my waist to give it a more structured shape. This is a fun twist on a conservative look. The length of the dress is longer and the pearl strand necklace makes it more sophisticated.

Since the blazer is sweater material, I mixed sequins in to add shine and glamour for night. Pairing a blazer with a mini skirt plays around with a cute masculine/feminine look, and I love the mix of textures.
Lucky for SG readers, I've sourced this blazer for my OpenSky Shop and you can click the image to purchase the blazer now! For under $200 dollars this blazer is good on the wallet and great in the closet.



Future Star

Lindsey Calla

I first met Shawn when he was competing in a Lord & Taylor/Parsons competition last year and just from that one meeting, I could tell that he had something special. He recently just finished up experience at one of the coolest up-and-coming designers, Cushnie et Ochs, and now works at Calvin Klein. You can see he shares that same minimalist aesthetic as Francisco Costa and this dress was actually from part of his graduate collection. Pretty impressive. Keep an eye out for him and remember you heard it here first!


Steal Her Saucy Style

Lindsey Calla


I love this look on Rihanna! I'm so used to seeing her look really edgy, but here you can see her Barbados island roots shining through. A straw hat, a pair of printed shorts, and a detailed white blouse couldn't be more perfect for summer.
I opted for a sleeveless shirt rather than a long sleeve because all of that would have overwhelmed me. I also toned down the accessories and skipped the hoop earrings and bracelet in exchange for a simple gold watch. With a print and ruffles, too many accessories would be too much.
Target has some really fun beachy accessories at the moment and I'm counting down the days until the Cynthia Vincent collection hits this week. Also, if you check back later in the week I will have a discount code for Catherine Malandrino!
I just added these rings to my OpenSky Shop and I feel like they would be perfect for this outfit. My outlook on jewelry has been changing lately. I'm dying to wear things that look really organic like wood, natural materials, and rugged silver.
Click the image to buy!




Lindsey Calla



If there is one thing I am completely obsessed with at the moment it's maxi skirts. I've been searching everywhere for them, but not just for any long skirts. For me this summer, the long skirts won't look prairie, but modern and sleek. It is almost a modern take on bohemian.
I love that the print of this skirt is contemporary.. It has a cool graphic feel to it and the high waisted shape begs for a bustier top. I found this top at a Cynthia Steffe sample sale for $10!
I'm also getting back into silver jewelry and I honestly thought I was a gold girl through and through. The pop of turquoise breaks up the black and white and I love the Native American influence.
Also, I must mention this cardigan from Boy Meets Girl. I met with Stacy a few nights ago for dinner and drinks and she is so fantastic. She was nice enough to mention SG in an interview with Ideeli today! Check out the interview HERE. We have some really amazing plans coming up so stay tuned for that! The cardi is so perfect for Spring/Summer.. it is really light weight and has cute elbow patches... I love it!


Wedges or Stilettos?

Lindsey Calla




Just when I thought I was a full on wedge convert, I found these Michael by Michael Kors woven platforms at DSW. At first glance you could almost mistaken them for Bottega Veneta, but they were only $100!
Putting on these shoes remind me why I love platform stilettos. They hug the curves of your feet and are just pure magic. I'm not quite sure wedges can make legs look as good as these can.
Have you fallen into the wedge trend or are you a devoted stiletto lover?


Corinthian Order

Lindsey Calla




Creamy neutrals have crept back up into my wardrobe lately in an effort to invest in more classic pieces that will last. Plus, white and beige are popping up everywhere this Spring and it is so refreshing!
I was really lucky to snag these Phillip Lim pants at their sample sale a few seasons ago. They just drape so well on the body and remind me of a Greek column. I love this silhouette and I'm actually on the hunt for a maxi skirt that gives me the same shape and elongated length.
Wearing a monochromatic look makes you appear longer, which is why I added the white shoes. It's ok if the colors are all not exactly the same shade as long as you tie them all together with your accessories.
Here's to the beautiful weather that is coming our way this weekend!


Urban Cowgirl

Lindsey Calla

"Hasn't everybody at some point or another had the fantasy of being a cowboy? A cowgirl?"





I'm so drawn to anything that looks really old and historical. Whether it's ancient art, weathered architecture, or vintage jewelry, I instantly fall in love. This old fire house is so charming! I can just picture a mini-red fire engine pulling out of it playing little hero to a small town. This is about as western as it gets in a Yankee town, as some would call it.
This is a small effort at modernizing a western look. No cowboy hat here.... The daisy print dress and leather are enough for me.
I got these awesome JC shoes at the annual LF Fifth Avenue sale and it took me a while to convince myself to buy them. Why? Because I'm also not really a cowboy boot kinda girl. The heel seemed low and I don't wear a lot of brown. However, there is something really wearable about these.. They are like a bootie and a cowboy boot combined.. I love them! I think it might be the square toe... I hate pointy toe shoes! Blah, you hear that Prada Fall? Despite your sweet little bows, I will not be lusting after you.
Are you a round toe or pointy toe shoe lover?


Urban Shoe Myth

Lindsey Calla






There is something really crisp and fun about Stella McCartney's Spring collection. This look in particular feels simple, classic, and really easy to re-create. I added just a little bit more quirkiness to it with the baby floral socks.
I actually like my See by Chloe skirt a little better than the Stella version because it is a little more slouchy and less boxy. It's really interesting that this Chloe skirt is almost identical to the Stella version considering Stella used to hold the design reigns at Chloe a decade ago.. That's fashion coming full circle for ya.
Both the skirt and the shoes were found way marked down at Bergdorf Goodman.. Even though I can't afford tons of designer pieces full price, I still go to the big stores for inspiration and to find classic pieces marked down that have a long closet shelf life.. Like, for example, these Manolo Mary Janes.. Carrie called them an Urban Shoe Myth, but I can also proudly put that myth to rest.
I also just got a hair cut.. Can you tell? Probably not, which is good because I don't trust hairdressers so I make them only cut a little. Someone asked me recently about my hair routine and it is pretty simple. I use Pantene Beautiful Lengths Shampoo and blow it about 70% dry.. then I put it up in a loose bun on top of my head until it dries all the way... Then all I do is take it down and go! I actually learned that trick from Gisele so I figured it was a good one..
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!