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Saucy Glossie

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iPad and the Evolution of Glossies

Lindsey Calla

Glamour, Wired, and Sports Illustrated are just a few magazines that have announced that they will be creating digital issues for the iPad. This obviously gets wheels spinning that a really cool digital version is possible. The iPad is in color and has great graphics, much like a magazine, and it allows for more creative and engaging advertisements ($$$).

This video below shows the possibilities of creating a seamless combination of the printed magazine and its online website.
Source: appletell
Here's the thing: Instant gratification is not just something we all wish for, but a part of everyday reality. My problem with magazines is that when the April issue drops in March, you have to wait a whole month to purchase an item that isn't available until April. To really be relevant and keep up with the pace of e-commerce, magazines would have to enable a click to purchase feature on the iPad. So would the content be different or would it just not be released on the iPad until that month actually hits?
Mediaweek says it is unclear whether or not Glamour will follow Wired's format, which is interactive with weblinking etc, or just blow up an iPhone app. I just feel like if they are going to put the money into making it digital, I really hope it is more interactive than just a virtual flip book.
Just random thoughts and if anyone has any other articles on this I would love to see!


Channel Your Inner Sicilianita

Lindsey Calla


The Dolce & Gabbana show was an emotional tour through the duo's Sicilian heritage and their impeccable tailoring, but what was most fascinating (to me) about the show was that it felt very old school meets new school. Technology and tailoring seemed woven together beautifully like the hems on their signature bustier dresses.

Dolce was one of the first European designers to put bloggers in the front row. They even gave them laptops so they could live blog, tweet, and Facebook. This year, they put together an amazing live stream of the show with tons of backstage footage and camera angles. The show opened with a video of the designers draping fabric with their veteran seamstresses and tailors. Yet, in going back to their roots they didn't neglect the very modern changes that are happening in the industry.
One of my favorite parts of the show was the look with the headphones and iPod case worn across the body. So cute! You can actually find these headphones at Urban Outfitters for $68!
I could live in this whole look and be happy.

Buy the headphones HERE. They are already backordered so hurry!

Matthew Williamson Launches US E-Commerce

Lindsey Calla


Brands are increasingly becoming more aware of the power that the Internet holds in creating better brand awareness and in turn, an overall broader reach and better sales. Matthew Williamson is the latest designer to expand on the all important e-commerce and to that I say: Welcome, Matthew.

Following a very successful launch of its UK e-commerce site in April '09, the line now has its sights set on our little home across the pond. Following in the footsteps of other successful UK-US online launches such as Topshop and All Saints, MW hopes extend its reach beyond its flagship New York store. Smart move considering YSL just shut down their Madison Avenue store prompting what some call, "The end of Madison Avenue".
Matthew says, "I am pleased to bring my mainline Ready-To-Wear collections to a wider audience within the US through this dedicated online store"
We couldn't agree more.
Further emphasizing the power of online presence, Pod1, the digital creative agency behind the site, says:
"As important as it is for all retail brands to give their consumers variety and opportunity to interact with their brand, for designers especially, it is vital to establish their brand image online. For a celebrated designer of Matthew Williamson's caliber, it is vital that his client-base can access all of this in one area, and for this digital campaign to bring the designer to a wider audience."

So does this mean we will see more than just an e-commerce site coming up? Perhaps a Twitter campaign, or maybe he will pull a Frida and launch an interactive eyewear blitzkrieg? I'm excited to see what he has up his sleeve. He is already such an extremely visionary person that the endless possibilities that exist online will no doubt only heighten his creativity even more.


Hey Tweeps, Get to Know Airess and Church

Lindsey Calla

"Never in Stores, Always in Style"
Our conversation went a little something like this:
Hey @Saucyglossie, check out this interview on us
@Airessandchurch Love it! Let's collab on something
@Saucyglossie wanna blog about us?
@Airessandchurch Absolutely!
And here we are. That's how deals are done these days. Or maybe I should call them Tweals. No more long-winded pitches, no more office desksides, no more expensive full page ads in magazines that don't exist anymore, 140 characters will do just fine. Denim line Airess & Church knows full well the power that those 140 characters can have on launching a brand because, heck, they've structured their whole marketing plan around them. A&C; is the first fashion line ever to launch exclusively on Twitter.
Marketing veteran Courtney Wilson and Creative Director J. Jackson are pioneering their way head first through the social media hysteria and making everyone think twice about how to market a clothing and lifestyle brand. There is already a massive amount of buzz surrounding the line and it really hasn't even launched yet. I'm already clammering for a pair and I haven't even tried them on!
However, don't expect to be able to go out to a store and buy them. No, no, that is so last decade. The full line doesn't even launch until Fall 2010, but the brand will make a selection of pieces from their Native Soil Collection available early to purchase on their website. The catch? Their website isn't even launching until Spring and they will reveal the date and time of the launch only via Twitter.
Talk about thinking outside the box. Or perhaps, thinking inside the Twitter text box. It's a Darwinian fashion evolution and only the connected and uptweeted survive, so log on to Twitter and follow them to see what A&C; is going to do next.