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Saucy Glossie

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Lindsey Calla

Dress: Bowie (gifted), Shoes: Zara

My flight was delayed last night so I didn't get in until 3am and I'm still working on getting my energy back. I sort of have this look on my face that reads: "It's hot, I'm tired, stop taking my picture".

This lovely dress was a gift from Bowie all the way from Sydney.  I visited his showroom while I was there and fell in love with this dress, which at the time was unfinished and just a vest... Bowie was kind enough to fit a zipper into it for me and now it fits like a glove!  It's always great to have one LBD in your closet that makes you feel amazing.

These shoes were scooped up in Houston at Zara's end of season sale... During the summer, I try to only buy things that will carry into Fall so I can maximize (and maybe rationalize) my purchases.  The scar on my ankle is from my new Miu Miu shoes! Le gasp!

Check out more Bowie clothing at



Romper Room

Lindsey Calla


Romper: Target, Vest: Tulle, Shoes: Chloe, Watch: La Mer, Bracelets: American Eagle. Sunnies: F21

Ah yes, summer hair... Turn up the frizz and the amount of time it would take me to style it right! This is au natural beach chemical products needed.  But the beauty of summer is letting go and I have to say that letting my hair go natural saves it from lots of heat damage from the dryer/irons.

I love the tribal feel of this bloomer shorts romper!  Can you believe it's from Target?  I paired it with a hooded vest and velcro shoes to make it feel more urban.  If you are looking for some cute designers that are under $100, Tulle is a great place to start.  They have some cute pieces on their shop

I just did another Zara run yesterday and picked up some really cute bohemian pieces that I'll try to shoot today if the weather cooperates!



Detroit City

Lindsey Calla


Top: Ann Taylor, Necklace: Ann Taylor LOFT, Skirt: Zara, Shoes: H&M

A quick trip to Detroit has come to a close and I just got bumped up to first class on my flight back! That never ever happens to me. I didn't get to see much of Detroit, but I did pass by the Ford headquarters, felt patriotic for about 2 seconds, then moved on. I also just got a tripod so I can always take pictures no matter where I am (yay!)

This was my outfit for the FOX segment from this morning. I love the texture in this skirt and the shape is so fun. I've had this skirt for a few seasons and it still makes my outfit rotation and looks really cute on camera. I always try to wear a jewel tone color when I have tv's a little tip I picked up from the show with the prettiest tv audience around: Oprah. They are all told to wear jewel tones and the colors really do pop on camera.

Will post the link for the segment later when I get back to NY!




Lindsey Calla


Top: JNBY, Skirt: Vintage, Necklace: Leviticus, Shoes: Cynthia Vincent for Target, Belt: Zara, Ring: Chanel

I have a serious obsession with crosses lately. I've always been obsessed with religious iconography and there is something about wearing crosses that makes me feel transported back into another time. I love this particular necklace because it's an exaggerated take on the trend.

I actually love it so much that I put them in my OpenSky Shop! At under $200 this necklace is a very affordable statement piece. You can click the image to purchase!

Let me take a minute to address the longer hemline. Ever since maxi skirts came dancing down the Fall '10 runways I've felt compelled to work them into my rotation. The New York Timesstyle section also just ran a piece about them HERE. They describe the style perfectly: "long, lean, and willowy" and who doesn't want to be that? They also make the distinction that it isn't a demure or hippie look, but rather more urban. Bingo.



Cheers Mate

Lindsey Calla

sunsilk 4
Photos by Sassi Sam
It's amazing how a little time can change your whole perspective on things. This time last year, I had left my job, moved to Sydney, and didn't know where to go next. Going back this year with a stronger frame of mind brought out the best in Sydney and myself. To me, Sydney is perfect. It's pretty much a utopian society where everyone is happy because their quality of life is so amazing. There are fantastic beaches, charming neighborhoods, and a bustling center city. Most of the food is organic and fresh and the weather is so fantastic that it entices you to want to be outdoors exploring the scenic cliff walks and running trails.
I do love New York, but lately it has been leaving little to be desired. Grass is greener, I suppose, but sometimes I feel like New York brings out the worst in me.
On my last day, Sassi Sam took me to a Sunsilk event at the Opera House. Eating a beautiful 4 course meal inside the House with sweeping views of the CBD was almost like a dream. There, we learned about the launch of a brand new line of Sunsilk hair care products co-created by some of the best stylists in the biz. Rita Hazan, Ouidad, and Tom Taw are just three of seven experts picked to create their own line based on what they are known for best. Here's a clip of the video we were shown to help us get familiar with which stylists they picked and why...


This is a world-wide launch so you will be able to find these products on shelves here as well. The US site still says "Coming Soon" so keep checking back for more info.

Lindsey Calla


rocks 3


Photo by Sassi Sam

There is something so prairie about this outfit and the fact that it is in a setting that is completely opposite of that makes these photos more interesting. The rope belt is from a Phillip Lim sample sale and helps nauticalize (totally just made that word up) the outfit.

It's hard to tell in the picture, but these shorts are actually black suede. Spring is all about wearing unexpected fabrics like suede and leather. Leather shorts (relaxed fitting) are a staple for the next couple of months. The great thing about these suede shorts is that you can take them into fall by layering a cute pair of tights with them.
Australia has some of the coolest clothing lines... One of my absolute faves is a line called Lover. They somehow manage to make clothes that are quirky, ladylike, really cool, and classic all the same time. I wish I met them while I was here but I just ran out of time! Regardless, their style influenced my outfit in today's post..
I can't wait to post the pictures from the Sunsilk/Opera House event today! The architecture in the Opera House is really awe-inspiring and could be the best picture backdrop. Hopefully I can get them done before I board a plane for 2 days...


Day to Night

Lindsey Calla

Top/Skirt: Zara, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
The day was a bit rainy and cloudy until the evening so I wasn't able to snap a quick picture until sundown. The sequin top is actually a skirt that I wore as a top! I realized that everything that I paired with these pants looked very casual so I had to improvise. Sequins add an unexpected twist to classic khakis and can easily take them from day to night.
I also just found out that I will be heading to Melbourne earlier than expected to cover the Governor's Ball with all of the emerging designers up for the Woolmark award, Vogue Australia, and some stellar Aussie PR vixens. Can't wait to show you coverage!