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Saucy Glossie

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The Tourist

Lindsey Calla


Jacket: Meghan Fabulous via TJ Maxx, Shorts: Cynthia Steffe, Top: Myne, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Hat: Jessica Simpson, Sunnies: Michael Kors Photos: Altamira

Believe it or not I stumbled across this jacket in TJ Maxx on the clearance rack and I knew that it was made to be shot here.  It looks like something that I could have found at the markets.  I wanted to bring/shoot something that could mix in with the culture but was still contemporary and this couldn't have been more perfect.  Mixing it with a black and white graphic short keeps it up to date and adds a different level of visual interest.  Plus, I also love the long tassels and the jacket's overall shape.

These pictures were taken in an old Spanish colonial university and the last picture was taken in what's left of the Cathedral from the 16th century... A series of earthquakes brought it down to pieces and they just left the huge pillars in the middle of the structure and you can only get a sense of the size when I'm standing next to them.

Just got word that it's snowing at home.. There is a good chance that I might stay here and live in the mountains and make tortillas.  La vida sencilla.

Panza Verde

Lindsey Calla


Top: Tory Burch resort, Skirt: Cynthia Steffe, Earrings and bracelets:, Backpack: Tory Burch, Shoes: Zara Photos: Altamira

It's not often that you find a hotel that is so cozy and charming that you can't help but want to settle in, make it your own and never want to come home.  Panza Verde, in Antigua Guatemala, basically fits every single category on my dream list: recreated Spanish Colonial ambiance, private fireplaces, luxurious bathrooms adorned with medieval candelabras, and endless gardens and terraces topped off with charming cupolas.  After surveying the city it is definitely one of the best kept secrets in all of Antigua.

For a few days I was able to experience this boutique hotel firsthand and explore every charming corner and capture as much as I can on film to try to recreate the ambiance here for you.  There are a few more pictures that I will put up soon and believe it or not there are even more areas to this hotel that are equally stunning.

Pretty much every corner of Antigua begs for resort clothing and I leap at any chance to wear them especially in a warm city that makes you feel transported back in time.  Here, you walk around on cobblestone streets with 3 volcanos looming over you (one which was actually smoking) and you see crumbled Spanish architecture weathered from both time and a devastating earthquake.

I'm just hoping time slows down just a little more so I can delay going back to a grey and snowy New York!