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Saucy Glossie

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Liquid Style

Lindsey Calla


Photo via FabsugarHat: Club Monaco, Jacket: Sine, Blouse: Cynthia Steffe, Pants: Jessica Stam x Rachel Roy, Shoes: DSW

Ok I have to say that working with Ecco Domani and the other Style Squad girls was definitely one of the highlights of my fashion week.  Usually when I go to shows, I go partly for pleasure and partly to keep up with the trends for future projects but this time I had a specific assignment and man it was a good assignment!  Part of the assignment was getting interviewed by Robert Verdi on "owning our style" and we even had to do a runway walk.  Actually, you can vote for my walk to win on their facebook page!!


I took a look back at the past EDFF winners and they all have gone on to leave a major mark on the industry.  You could feel that energy and anticipation when you walked through the crowds and watched everyone look on with an eager eye.

Having a featured wine at every show added a touch of class and made the presentation feel like an outing where you could mingle with showgoers and not just fly in and fly out.

What I learned about owning your own style from the EDFF crew:

  • Always rock a chic pair of sunnies on your head at all times (Robert)
  • Men shop for quality, women for quantity. Let's start taking a page from the boys shall we? (Native Son)
  • Green is the next bubble so if you don't hop on board now you will miss the solar powered boat (Study NY)
  • Believe in your individuality and artistic expression, bottle it up, and wear it around your neck (Pamela Love)
  • Nothing will ever be the new black so wear it and experiment with texture (Mandy Coon)
  • Let your underwear be part of your outerwear by letting it peek out ever so subtly  (Lake & Stars)
  • Wear white Converse with your chunky knits (M. Patmos)
  • Elegance will never go out of style (Bibhu)

(Bibhu Mohapatra = Total Gorgeousness)

(Style Squad girls with Tara St James)

To learn more about the foundation or the wine head to their super sleek website

EDFF Decade of Style Party

Lindsey Calla


Katy, Aly, Audrey, Gala, and me!

The Decade of Style party was maybe one of the most fun nights I've had in a while.  Put together a super fun group of girls, call them the Style Squad, give them a photo booth, some wine and watch the entertainment unfold.  All of the past winners were there including design heavy hitters like Prabal Gurung, Erin Fetherston and style stars like Julie Gilhart and Sally Singer.  It was like being locked in a small room with some of the most creative people in the world. Everyone has such a unique style and it is inspiring to just be around them and watch them interact with each other.

I have to say the highlight of the night was laughing with Robert Verdi and chatting with June Ambrose about how sexy Tom Ford is.  She tipped me off to an amazing hair perfume that he makes in one of my favorite scents, Black Orchid.  Of course, she got hers personally sent to her via the man himself.... le sigh.

You can check out more pics and read about the Foundation on their Facebook page!

Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation Style Squad

Lindsey Calla

abaete 2

Dress: Abaete, Necklace: Lia Sophia

Hey guys!  I just got some exciting news that I'll be a brand ambassador for the Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation for all of New York Fashion Week!  Basically I'll be covering all 7 of the designers' shows and getting exclusive access to the designers themselves, the judges, brand executives, and I get to hang with Robert Verdi who will be my personal guide through the events!

This is such an awesome foundation because it really supports and nurtures new designers allowing them to shape the future of the industry.  Each designer gets $25,000 towards their NYFW show in order to really wow editors, buyers, and of course, us bloggers. ;-)

This year's designers are Pamela Love, the Lake & Stars, M. Patmos, Mandy Coon, Study NY, and Bibhu Mohapatra.  Some of the coolest new designers right?  So get ready for some mah-a-jor coverage!

Tonight I'm headed to the Decade of Style Party to kick it all off and you can see what I've chosen to wear above!  It's an Abaete dress with an art deco necklace.  I'm starting to feel the color block spring trend creep slowly into my wardrobe.

More soon! xo

***I am a hired ambassador for Ecco Domani throughout the week of nyfw