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Your Envite to Christian Louboutins

Lindsey Calla

Some people are born with an old soul, some a young soul, but me? I was born with a red soul.. a red sole to be correct. You see, Christian Louboutins are my weakness. I've never smoked, done any type of drug, so I consider these shoes the only vice that I have and though they look pretty harmless, these babies can pack a major punch to da wallet. Lucky for all red sole lovers across the country we can now get discounted Loubs up to 80 percent off.. How you ask?
About a month ago I took part in a shoot at the Cooper Square Hotel in NY for a new sample sale site called Envite. The brand spanking new sample sale site featuring designer merchandise for up to 80% off is launching this week and their first sale is CL. So my good friend Stacy Igel rounded up some rockin entrepreneurial women to kick off the site.
Shout out to the other fantastic women involved in the shoot:
Tara Smith- Celebrity Hairstylist (who just launched an eco friendly hair care line at Duane Reade)
Zoe Bell - Actress and Stuntwoman (she did the stunts for Uma in Kill Bill!)
Stacy M. Igel- Fashion Designer, Personality, and all around amazing
Ami Ankin- Producer (Her movie The Living Wake just hit theaters)
Samara D'Auria - Senior Fashion Director for Life & Style Magazine
Some behind the scenes shots and coverage in this week's US Weekly!
And because I love you I have a special VIP invite code! Use Lindsey19 to sign up!
I'll be sure to let you know when the sale goes live along with the blog post and shoot that we did!
*Also thanks to Photographer Sari Wynne

April Showers

Lindsey Calla


I took a few days off from blogging to spend time with family and future in-laws that were visiting this weekend. On Saturday, we held a bridal shower for Paige, my brother's fiancee, at the Modern over looking the sculpture garden. It was one of those perfect New York days and I'm very excited to say that I will soon have 4 new sisters!
I just bought this long dress at the Falls sample sale this week and it ended up being perfect for the shower! There is something about this dress that makes me feel really earthy and bohemian.
With neutrals it is important to find the right one for your skin tone. At first I thought this dress would wash me out, but it has enough peach to it that it actually complements my coloring. I brought out its earthy vibe with a geode necklace and stacked woven bracelets from American Eagle.
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Cheers Mate

Lindsey Calla

sunsilk 4
Photos by Sassi Sam
It's amazing how a little time can change your whole perspective on things. This time last year, I had left my job, moved to Sydney, and didn't know where to go next. Going back this year with a stronger frame of mind brought out the best in Sydney and myself. To me, Sydney is perfect. It's pretty much a utopian society where everyone is happy because their quality of life is so amazing. There are fantastic beaches, charming neighborhoods, and a bustling center city. Most of the food is organic and fresh and the weather is so fantastic that it entices you to want to be outdoors exploring the scenic cliff walks and running trails.
I do love New York, but lately it has been leaving little to be desired. Grass is greener, I suppose, but sometimes I feel like New York brings out the worst in me.
On my last day, Sassi Sam took me to a Sunsilk event at the Opera House. Eating a beautiful 4 course meal inside the House with sweeping views of the CBD was almost like a dream. There, we learned about the launch of a brand new line of Sunsilk hair care products co-created by some of the best stylists in the biz. Rita Hazan, Ouidad, and Tom Taw are just three of seven experts picked to create their own line based on what they are known for best. Here's a clip of the video we were shown to help us get familiar with which stylists they picked and why...


This is a world-wide launch so you will be able to find these products on shelves here as well. The US site still says "Coming Soon" so keep checking back for more info.

Lindsey Calla

coat angle
coat bowie
flower dress 1
lmff collage
This has been such an amazing trip and I've been so lucky to meet so many amazing people along the way. Last week I met with Bowie, a Sydney based designer, who gave me a tour of his show stopping pieces. Bowie also dressed me for last night's events in a beautiful hand sewn sequin floral dress and black evening coat with an exaggerated collar. I'm so in love with the shape of this coat.. It is so elegant, but also fresh and modern and highlights the decolletage perfectly.
I had to take the jacket off because it was soo hot, but it allowed me to show off the great detail of the mini dress and it pretty much created 2 looks in one night.
Thanks so much to Bowie and Winston for their support. Check out their website for more info!
Also, the photos were taken by Yann Audic, a very cool French-Sydney photographer who ran around with me all night trying to grab as much footage as we could! So fun meeting people from all over the world. He also took the shots for the Woolmark award ad campaign.. He is super talented.. Here's one of the photos from the postcards that went in the goody bags.

Jetting back to Sydney tonight! I have a SunSilk event tomorrow at the Opera House and I am SO excited to take pics in front of that iconic building. Hmm what to wear!?


Dion Lee Wins Woolmark Award

Lindsey Calla

The handsome, poised, and incredibly talented Dion Lee won the 2010 Woolmark Designer Award presented by Vogue Australia at LMFF last night.

In addition to the $10,000, sponsorships, and sponsored overseas trips, Dion will also have the opportunity to represent Australia in a global Woolmark design competition. There will be emerging designers picked from almost every major fashion capital including New York, Shanghai, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo.
I really hope this award and the global competition raises Dion's global recognition because he truly is an amazing technically apt designer who is forward thinking and conceptual. He is also very well-spoken and articulate, which you can see in my video interview below. I had a chance to speak with him seconds after he got his award:
I fully admit that I have a major crush on him. Keep a very sharp eye out for Dion Lee. He seems to have everything it takes to leave his mark on the industry.
More video of the other contestants to come!

Woolmark- Designer Awards

Lindsey Calla

"When will we learn that we can't replace nature?"
-HRH the Prince of Wales
I am very honored to attend LMFF as a guest of Woolmark. Not only is wool a sustainable and green fabric, but there are tons of new advancements being made to the fiber to heighten comfort, beauty, and function. If designers are re-evaluating what is really important in fashion (the clothes and the textiles rather than front row celebrities and unwearable garments) then there is no better fabric to put on your list than wool.

Wool has been a staple fabric in our wardrobes long before before rayon, polyester, and other synthetic fibers started clogging up our landfills. Australia is the world's largest producer of wool in the world and Woolmark is the the most recognized fiber brand in the world. Every year, the Australian Wool Innovation and Woolmark present a Designer Award to one of Australia's most innovative and fashion forward designers.

The awards ceremony is tonight and I wanted to take a minute to introduce all of the nominees. Since this will not be the last time you hear a lot of these names, you should start getting familiar. I had a chance to meet most of them at the kick off party and they all are hungry for expressing creativity, integrating in overseas markets, and re-defining what it means to wear wool.
Feel free to click on each image to go to the designer's website..
* The name "Prince Dion" relates to Prince Charles' 3 year campaign to familiarize everyone with the uses and importance of wool.
theres r
The winner receives $10,000, a sponsored trip to either Pitti Filati in Florence or Premier Vision Paris, and 12 months subscription to WGSN. Best of luck to all of the nominees!
Stay tuned for full coverage of the invite only awards ceremony hosted by Vogue Australia.



Lindsey Calla

ball text
collage 2
Last night I attended the LMFF kick off party at the Governor's House in Melbourne. Hosted by Harper's Bazaar, the party took on a bit of a Wonderland theme to coincide with their latest issue. Guests were treated to a rather interesting Elvis impersonator performance followed by a runway show of some of the Wonderland designer looks from the issue.
I had a chance to meet and greet all of the finalists for the Woolmark award and everyone was so friendly and warm. Aussie fashion people are very eccentric and ooze creativity.
Thanks to Belinda for the amazing Vanessa Bruno dress! I've been inspired lately by French style and its simplicity and I think this captures that chic sensibility.


Temperley Fall '10 Installation

Lindsey Calla


The Temperley presentation was hands down one of the most unique presentations I've seen this week. Going to a fashion art installation rather than being herded like cattle through the Tents was refreshing to say the least.
For Fall '10 Alice Temperley was inspired by previously unseen works from Norman Parkinson. Alice and photographer Adam Whitehead photographed 16 modern British icons in the collection to bring forward a true British point-of-view and glamour. Subjects included Sophie Dahl, Annie Lennox, and Yasmin Le Bon. Each photograph was blown up on canvas and was hand-embroidered and embellished using the same techniques as the collection pieces resulting in a three dimensional representation of each garment.
The coolest part about it was that I felt like I was looking at a retrospective, but was really viewing an upcoming collection. It made all of the pieces look vintage and almost timeless.

Each piece of art will be auctioned off this Spring in London and the proceeds will be donated to Oxfam to help support women in West Africa. So amazing!


Christian Cota Fall '10

Lindsey Calla

"Looking at my work in a new way, through the prism of structure, brought me back to basics. You could say that this collection is classic Christian Cota, deconstructed."

The theme for Christian Cota's Fall '10 line was Look Again, but honestly, he didn't have to remind anyone to keep looking at his work. You could see from the turnout that everyone is eyeing what he is doing next and maybe most importantly, he seems to have won Vogue's blessing. Ex Vogue-ette Lauren Santo Domingo styled the show and I literally almost bumped into Anna Wintour coming in as I was exiting.

What I love about Christian Cota is that his clothes are like wearable modern art. I feel like I want to take his pieces and hang them on my wall. That is not surprising considering the designer started out studying painting and Fine Art prior to launching his line.
His collection is how a forward thinking modern woman really wants to dress without looking overly futuristic. This Fall, he took inspiration from the Cubist way of thinking and re-thought his own work by changing fluid draping to hard geometric juts.

Can't wait to see what he does next and watch his career grow!


Alexa Chung for Madewell

Lindsey Calla


I fully admit and accept that our mates across the pond may have a cooler sense of style than we do here in America. Cases in point: Twenty8Twelve, All Saints, Topshop, Kate Moss, and now Alexa Chung for Madewell. Quite ironic actually that a very Americana brand taps an English lass for their collection, but Madewell was pinning pics of Alexa on their inspiration boards well before the collaboration came to be. It couldn't be a better match.
Every piece in the collection looks like it was plucked right off of Alexa herself and put into the garments. Effortlessly cool and laid-back, the collection shows high waisted shorts, cheeky peter pan collars, dainty tea dresses, and of course denim. Translation: I want everything.

Brit-it pal, Pixie Geldof, modeled a look for the presentation.

Look for the line come late August under the label "Alexa Chung for Madewell" in Madewell stores and online at That couldn't seem further away. I'm not rushing summer, but I can't wait to get my hands on some of these pieces!

Just Touched Down in London Town

Lindsey Calla


There's been some major buzz surrounding Timo Weiland and rightfully so. Their Fall collection touched on 60's London with just a dash of innocence and definitely brought out all the cool kids. I rode the elevator with Sammy and Roxy from The City and every person in the space looked like they just stepped out of a very well-dressed, super cool world. Then there was me, hunched over with a giant bag weighing me down and a giant camera around my neck. Must work on fitting in.

My favorite piece was the draped pleated plaid skirt with button detail up the front and I loved the cool turban mod hats.

Also checked out the Alexa Chung for Madewell collection at The Bowery and will be posting pictures of that shortly! Just a warning: you will want every single piece in this collection. It is basically her amazing quirky vintage wardrobe re-made by Madewell with a fantastic price point. Get better.

Live Stream Link: The Beauty of Social Commerce

Lindsey Calla


Below is the link to watch the live interview with Ted Rubin taking place tomorrow (Tuesday, Feb 2nd) at 11am! Ted is the CMO for e.l.f. Cosmetics and is responsible for leveraging their brand very successfully though social media. The interview will cover how Ted keeps over 19,000 Twitter followers, what defines social commerce, and how social media will impact the beauty industry.

Super interesting especially for anyone launching a brand or trying to come up with a new and unique marketing strategy!
Hope you enjoy!


Preview of a Preview

Lindsey Calla


Here's one of the looks I made yesterday at the Roxy/Quiksilver press preview. This was so much fun. I really think I could've stayed at those multi-million dollar apartments and styled all day long....and then move in of course. It was held at One Jackson Square which is this gorgeous modern apartment building in the Village where people buy units for like 6.5 million. I always wonder who those people are and what they do in the city that makes them that ridiculously wealthy because there are like hundreds of these types of buildings.
Anyway, this look above on the mannequin is all Quiksilver. I'll wait to show you the Roxy one! The Quiksilver line had tons of really cute downtown pieces. A lot of grey, black, creme, stripes, and checks. They used cute rompers and bat wing cardigans and shirts. They also showed cargo jackets which are going to be huge for Spring. All of these pieces are definitely staples for a spring/summer wardrobe.

I should get more pictures and the video by next week so I'll post that right away when I get them.
For now, here are some of my favorite pieces from the @Roxy Spring line:
These pieces are so cute and so affordable!


Lindsey Calla


Look who I saw last night at the Supima Cotton emerging designer fashion show! Coco Rocha and two of the beautiful and confident plus sized models from V Magazine's Curves Ahead shoot.

How refreshing to see these women be naturally beautiful... *ahem* Heidi Montag. Even Coco, who is considered a standard model size, looks healthy and normal. Can we please not even speak about Heidi and her 10 plastic surgeries? I'm so over it.



HSN Shows Spring

Lindsey Calla


I've been reading a lot of articles lately on the shopping behaviors of consumers since the recession has hit. Some feel that now that consumers realize they can find amazing things on a budget, they may not go back to spending tons of money on clothes. Good news for HSN, who keeps filling its roster with amazing affordable designer collaborations and super cute pieces that are right on trend.

I recently stopped by the W Hotel in Times Square to check out some of these HSN lines from Molly Sims and Stefani Greenfield. Molly Sims is the latest celebrity designer to join HSN with her jewelry collection called Grayce, which is absolutely stunning. These jewels look like pieces you would find on the first floor of Bergdorf Goodman, but can actually afford. The pieces range from Deco inspired to layered and lanyard to chunky coral and turquoise. I'm obsessed with the gold chain coral chunky necklace and was shocked to hear that all of the pieces were under $130 dollars.
This is all Spring, so pieces will be available starting in February on HSN and on!

Stefani Greenfield's collection called Curations is filled with pieces that would make up your dream destination vacation wardrobe. Look like a jet-setter on a normal girl budget with these pieces. There are tons of tie dye, bright prints, and easy, flowy clothes that you will want to live in come summer.
What I love about Stefani is her amazing instincts when it comes to trends and her Spring collection is right on target. Notice that the lace up detail on the tunics in her collection is right on point with what Celine just did for Spring.
Don't forget to check out the collections when they start hitting in February.. *Some pieces will not be available until March, April, or May so keep checking back!


Surf Chic

Lindsey Calla


Just when I thought I wouldn't see anything that remotely looks like an island vacation in my near future, Roxy and Cynthia Rowley saved the day by showing their super cute surf inspired collaboration Thursday night.

Held at the massive Roxy Soho store, the collection dangled on racks and mannequins while guests sipped Coronas, all which provided a great sunny escape from the frigid temps outside. The collection was filled with color blocked neoprene dresses, mini-board shorts, and some super cute accessories. I especially love that they showed the neoprene pieces with sequined tanks to show the versatility and wearability of all of the items (the items mixed in were actually from Cynthia Rowley's flagship collection).

Surf inspired looks are super in right now. Proenza Schouler sent down a bevy of surf inspired beauties for Spring and Chanel just designed its own branded surf board. I now regret not learning how to surf while I was in Australia. I blame the sharks.
The Roxy/Cynthia Rowley collection launches exclusively at Barney's in NY and Colette in Paris in April and will eventually make its way into Roxy stores worldwide.


Lindsey Calla



If you are in New York this Thursday night then you must take a break from staring at the Rock Center Christmas tree with all of the tourists and swing by Eryn Brinie for a super fun shopping party.  The line known for its modern, chic sensibility at an amazing price point is hosting an intimate party and performance by Erin McCarley.  Enjoy a 20% discount for any last minute shopping you may have to do.  They have super cute accessories which make amazing stocking stuffers!

The store is located in Soho at 501 Broadway between Broome and Spring.
Here is a little taste of Erin's music.. love this song!

Erin McCarley "Love, Save The Empty" from Endeavor Media Group on Vimeo.

Happy Shopping!


All the Looks

Lindsey Calla

Finding a good dress is like trying to find a good boyfriend.  You try them all on for size, you may try to alter them to fit your needs, and sometimes they hug your curves, and sometimes they make you feel incomplete and insecure.  And most of the time, you just aren't looking in the right place.  

Enter David Meister.  His dresses have fit all types of celebrities and body types making them feel completely confident and gorgeous, just a like a good boyfriend, err, designer should.  

Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of joining David Meister, Lifetime, and a few other top bloggers in an intimate gathering on his Spring collection and a look back on some of David's hottest red carpet moments.  And who knows more about the red carpet than Lifetime's newest site, All the Looks, which is practically mecca for celebrity style fans.

Champagne and Vosges chocolates flowed as we all cooed over David's brightly colored and beautifully proportioned dresses as he answered some of our burning questions about finding the right dress.  

On the process of dressing celebs for the red carpet:
"It's all about adapting and working with what they are comfortable in and what works for them.  Sometimes they swear they don't look good in a halter then they try it and it works. It's fun to get them to step out of that and try something new."

On how he manages to make every woman look so amazing:
"It's not about size or age, it's about what style works well on your body.  It comes back to stretch.  Things with stretch just fit and move so much better on different body types."

On his spring collection:

"For day we are usually all about structure.  Strong silhouettes, a lot of color, but again, not a lot of detail.  I think women, especially now , they want pieces to be special and timeless.  We did a lot of primary colors for spring.  For evening and cocktail, it's a little more specific, when you are looking for a more specific dress.  We worked with chiffons and still a lot of draping and twisting and one shoulder is still huge"

 Things every woman should have in her closet:
"A great black jersey dress, a simple dress with color (depending on your skin tone), and a great ball gown!  You never know when you're going to need a ball gown!  And a great cocktail dress that you know you feel good in."  

On the explosion of blogging:

"Information is so fast now and fashion is a very fast paced business.  It all works together hand in hand.  It's the next phase."

Some of David's favorite red carpet dresses were also at the event.  My fave was the Sharon Stone liquid metallic gown.  So Studio 54!

Make sure you check out Lifetime's site, All the Looks, for more red carpet moments from David Meister and other designers!  You can search for pretty much any look that has ever had a red carpet moment, even down to the hairstyle! 

For more on David Meister:



Curations Holiday Preview

Lindsey Calla


There are some people in the industry that just have amazing instincts.  They know exactly what will be hot next, where to get it, and how to put it together.  Stefani Greenfield, a fashion veteran who started a little store called Scoop (maybe you've heard of it?), is one of those fashion soothsayers.  

She recently has been focusing those instincts on providing a well curated collection of affordable clothing and accessories called Curations for HSN.  Just in time for the gift giving season, I stopped by the Soho House last night to check out the Holiday Curations collection.  

The way the pieces were laid out was like walking into Henri Bendel during the holiday's, but finding pieces for half the price.  Stefani's pieces are all under $120 and are packaged perfectly for gift giving.  Stefani told me that even though she sees what major designers are doing, her pieces are not just a cheaper knock off of what is already out there.  She has a knack for creating unique pieces, but still being on trend.  

My favorites were the faux fur jackets and weekender bags.  The watches are also super cute and are packaged in a faux croc box, which really only would need a pretty ribbon tied around it for a holiday gift.

Stefani will be presenting the Holiday collection on HSN next Wednesday, November 11th at 12am, 12pm, 4pm, and 8pm.  I strongly suggest tuning in at 12am.  Pieces sell out extremely quickly as 12am is HSN's peak shopping time.

Happy Holiday Shopping!



A Fashion Writer's Muse

Lindsey Calla

Mary Alice Stephenson showing off her styling
Somehow some of my posts always come back to The Rachel Zoe Project, and I swear I don't do it purposely, she just has so many euphemisms on fashion that are kinda true (at least in my world).  For example, when she said that designers and fashion heavy hitters are her celebrities and she gets nervous and giddy to see them, I also get that same feeling.  

Take for example when I saw Bobbie Thomas at the Max Azria show.  I didn't dare approach her in her front row seat next to Hoda and Kathie Lee, but then when I tweeted about it later, she actually responded that next time I should come say 'Hi' (and then I got so excited that she would be willing to meet me and kicked myself with my 5 inch stiletto for not doing it).   So how do you approach someone that you've looked up to in your industry without looking crazy?  And what would come of it?

  That same thought went through my mind last night when I saw Mary Alice Stephenson at the Naeem Khan and HSN event.  She styled Naeem's line, Timeless, for HSN with HSN jewelry and Aldo shoes and made everything look so chic.  She of course was 5 feet away from me in probably the most approachable atmosphere and I blew it, again.  I think I even had 2 glasses of champagne in me as well.  I think I might make "practice being fearless" one of my New Year's Resolutions.

Naeem's collection for HSN is reasonably priced from around $250 -$450, but looks super lux and expensive.  The pieces will be made in the same factories in India as his Collection and sizes range from 0-24! This is the Fall 2009 collection and Naeem will be on HSN October 28th at 8pm to debut, so make sure to set your mental shopping alarm because these pieces will go fast!