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Saucy Glossie

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Liquid Style

Lindsey Calla


Photo via FabsugarHat: Club Monaco, Jacket: Sine, Blouse: Cynthia Steffe, Pants: Jessica Stam x Rachel Roy, Shoes: DSW

Ok I have to say that working with Ecco Domani and the other Style Squad girls was definitely one of the highlights of my fashion week.  Usually when I go to shows, I go partly for pleasure and partly to keep up with the trends for future projects but this time I had a specific assignment and man it was a good assignment!  Part of the assignment was getting interviewed by Robert Verdi on "owning our style" and we even had to do a runway walk.  Actually, you can vote for my walk to win on their facebook page!!


I took a look back at the past EDFF winners and they all have gone on to leave a major mark on the industry.  You could feel that energy and anticipation when you walked through the crowds and watched everyone look on with an eager eye.

Having a featured wine at every show added a touch of class and made the presentation feel like an outing where you could mingle with showgoers and not just fly in and fly out.

What I learned about owning your own style from the EDFF crew:

  • Always rock a chic pair of sunnies on your head at all times (Robert)
  • Men shop for quality, women for quantity. Let's start taking a page from the boys shall we? (Native Son)
  • Green is the next bubble so if you don't hop on board now you will miss the solar powered boat (Study NY)
  • Believe in your individuality and artistic expression, bottle it up, and wear it around your neck (Pamela Love)
  • Nothing will ever be the new black so wear it and experiment with texture (Mandy Coon)
  • Let your underwear be part of your outerwear by letting it peek out ever so subtly  (Lake & Stars)
  • Wear white Converse with your chunky knits (M. Patmos)
  • Elegance will never go out of style (Bibhu)

(Bibhu Mohapatra = Total Gorgeousness)

(Style Squad girls with Tara St James)

To learn more about the foundation or the wine head to their super sleek website

Feelin' the Love

Lindsey Calla

marie claire

Photo credit: Elizabeth Griffin via Marie Claire Hat & Skirt: Club Monaco, Top: Zara, Coat: Cynthia Steffe, Bag: Michael Kors, Shoes: L'Autre Chose

Here's a shot of one of my outfits that ran on Marie Claire today! I went with a palette of neutrals but added a pop of orange with Make Up Forever #40.  It's the best color ever.

I think the one thing that could complete this outfit, or any outfit, is a little dose of Pamela Love.  If you were lucky enough to get through the crowds and up the elevator at Milk on Saturday then you were definitely in for an amazing presentation.  There was a dash more color than usual with bright metals and iridescents and let me say, she might be the only one who can make iridescent look unbearably cool.  Personally, I don't tend to gravitate towards anything too edgy and because she showcased all of these pieces on feminine chiffon dresses, it really made the pieces feel even more wearable for my wardrobe.

I think I might officially be obsessed with crystals, and not in a weird Heidi/Spencer way but in a tribal warrior crystal cave-dwelling nymph sort of way.  It's hard to tell but one of the gold cuffs has a really cool Southwestern design going on which has been a micro-trend so far for Fall '11 (see DVF).

So far I am pretty impressed with all of the Ecco Domani winners and I have to say that sipping wine while taking in all of the gorgeous pieces has been quite a treat!

V'day and EDFF Fashion Week Faves

Lindsey Calla


{Happy Valentine's Day!!}Dress and art: Anna Coroneo

I guess since I'm posting today I have to address Valentine's Day.  **long pause**  Ok, moving on.

I've been having an amazing time attending all of the Ecco Domani shows.  I feel so lucky to get such special access to these designers because they are all so talented and have been creating a ton of buzz.  The line to just get in The Lake & Stars was winding around the corner and Anna Wintour herself showed up at Pamela Love with Bee.

Most of the shows are presentations, which I happen to prefer over the big production runway shows.  You can really see the detail, quality, and craftsmanship in every collection.  I've been able to get up close and personal with every designer to ask them some pressing questions and I've been spending a lot of time with Robert Verdi, who I've always admired as a tv personality.  I've been trying to study his every move hoping I can pick up some hosting tips!

Here are some of my favorite looks so far:

M. Patmos I had a chance to chat with Marcia Patmos and asked her the age old quesion: How can you layer knits in the winter and not look bulky?  Well, it's all about the weight of the knit in each layer.  The under layers should be a finer gauge and then you can start playing around with proportion with the heavier weight fabric on top.

The Lake & Stars Mayaan Zilberman and Nikki Dekker approached their collection with a 1970's interpretation of Italian neo-classicsm as it pertains to surface, symbolism, and function.  Their collection of underpinnings transcend the usual just-for-the-bedroom lingerie and they have created something that begs to be seen, not just hidden underneath.

Mandy Coon One of my favorite collections so far.  I loved her use of texture and she told me backstage that mixing texture is something that she has been trying to focus on every season.  This collection was inspired by a an old picture of her chic mom and the pops of color in the hair were used to balance out the dark overtones.

At each show there is a different type of Ecco Domani wine that we get to sample and we have even done runway walk-offs with Robert.  So fun!  You can see some more pics on the Ecco Domani facebook page HERE.

FNO + The Show

Lindsey Calla

This was such an exciting night for me!  I teamed up with Shaun Kearney from Cynthia Steffe to host their Fashion's Night Out event at Bloomingdale's Soho and it was so much fun!  It was great to see how customers responded to the set up and I actually had a girl ask for the coat right off my back!  It was also really cool to see how supportive Bloomingdale's was of the brand and it reminds me why it is so special to actually go into a store and buy an item in person.

Of course the team was not only handling their FNO but also casting and prepping for their show which was only 48 hours away!  The show itself was fresh, on-trend, vibrant, and there are so many pieces that I am already lusting after.

This is one of my favorite looks/shots from the show..It looks like she is in an airplane hanger waiting to jet off somewhere fabulous.

Some more shots:

Andre Leon Talley even came backstage to congratulate Shaun.. SO major! (and so deserved)

Give Me the Green Light

Lindsey Calla

Dress: Cynthia Steffe, Shoes: Aldo

These were taken on my last night in Miami and it's really hard to look at these pictures and not still want to be down there.  I think I was glowing all week on this trip which makes these pics pretty befitting.  But of course, real life stepped back in and dragged me back to the northeast which was cold and cloudy on arrival.... how perfect.

I stopped in to visit the Cynthia Steffe team before my trip and this dress screamed Miami-South Beach.  It has that surf-chic vibe that we saw go down the runways for Spring/Summer, which now seems like forever ago considering we are about to see Spring/Summer '11.

Speaking of Fashion Week, I will have some really cool announcements coming in the next few weeks.. I can't wait to share with y'all!

Channel Your Inner Sicilianita

Lindsey Calla


The Dolce & Gabbana show was an emotional tour through the duo's Sicilian heritage and their impeccable tailoring, but what was most fascinating (to me) about the show was that it felt very old school meets new school. Technology and tailoring seemed woven together beautifully like the hems on their signature bustier dresses.

Dolce was one of the first European designers to put bloggers in the front row. They even gave them laptops so they could live blog, tweet, and Facebook. This year, they put together an amazing live stream of the show with tons of backstage footage and camera angles. The show opened with a video of the designers draping fabric with their veteran seamstresses and tailors. Yet, in going back to their roots they didn't neglect the very modern changes that are happening in the industry.
One of my favorite parts of the show was the look with the headphones and iPod case worn across the body. So cute! You can actually find these headphones at Urban Outfitters for $68!
I could live in this whole look and be happy.

Buy the headphones HERE. They are already backordered so hurry!

Layer It

Lindsey Calla


Elie Tahari
Originally uploaded by lindseycalla

Layering is one thing that I wish I did just a little bit better. When the temperature drops so does my urge to want to dress up, but you really can look chic and be warm. Elie Tahari did it well in this look from Fall '10.

I love the the baggy shorts over tights with boots and when you add something belted over top, it looks effortless and stylish. That is the way to layer!

NYFW Trend: Shearling

Lindsey Calla


Boy by Band of Outsiders, Adam, Nanette Lepore, Reed Krakoff, 3.1 Phillip Lim
Boy oh boy, so many cool outerwear pieces to choose from this week! With this winter being one of the coldest and snowiest in a long time, it's like the designers took a look at how people dressed in the cold and said: we have got to do something about this.
One trend that stood out was shearling and honestly, it has never looked so cool. I feel like shearling jackets are hard to feminize, but designers like Adam and Phillip Lim fashioned them in cute, cropped, lust-worthy silhouettes.
I am dying for one, but I'm also dying to not wear coats anymore so I am happy to wait a looong time to wear one.

Recent Press

Lindsey Calla


Fashion week was a bit of a whirlwind and I didn't get to photograph my outfits as much as I hoped to, but luckily I just found this picture that Lianna Tarantin took on Shopbop and Refinery 29! I nearly jumped out of bed this morning with excitement when I saw it. They are two of my favorite sites that I read daily and I always find so much inspiration in their posts. Both sites show you how to recreate my "dude ranch cool" outfit with affordable pieces. Check it out!

NYFW Trend: Opera Gloves

Lindsey Calla


Vera Wang, Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Pamella Roland, Andy & Debb
There is something so sexy about opera gloves. Maybe it's because they look timeless and vintage and bring us back to a time when dressing up was mandatory in society. I personally like them because they stretch my clothes out longer into the winter months. The way over the knee socks paired with sandals take my shoes into fall/winter, opera gloves help stretch my sleeveless and short sleeve tops and dresses further. Case in point:



NYFW Trend: To the Max

Lindsey Calla


Vena Cava, Michael Kors, Charlotte Ronson, Tibi, Marc Jacobs

As much as hemlines were creeping up for Fall '10, they were also skimming the floor and dipping way down. From stylish wanderer at Charlotte Ronson to uptown sophisticate at Michael Kors, designers played around with covering up.
I think when done right, a long skirt can look chic and lady-like, but there is a fine line between looking chic and looking granola with Birkenstocks. I would wear it like Charlotte Ronson showed, with something belted it over top or with a cool vest or modern top. I haven't worn a long skirt (especially during the Fall) in a really long time and I'm looking forward to playing around with the different proportions.
Perhaps designers were inspired by Haider Ackermann's Fall '09 collection?
Or maybe designers are sick of seeing girls with no pants on... what goes up must come down.


To the Max

Lindsey Calla


Vena Cava, Michael Kors, Charlotte Ronson, Tibi, Marc Jacobs
As much as hemlines were creeping up for Fall '10, they were also floor skimming dipping way down. From stylish wanderer at Charlotte Ronson to uptown sophisticated at Michael Kors, designers played around with covering up. I think when done right, a long skirt can look chic and lady-like, but there is a fine line between looking chic and looking granola with berkinstocks. I would wear it exactly like Charlotte Ronson showed, with something belted it over top or with a long vest and with a chunky heel.
xoxo, SG

Temperley Fall '10 Installation

Lindsey Calla


The Temperley presentation was hands down one of the most unique presentations I've seen this week. Going to a fashion art installation rather than being herded like cattle through the Tents was refreshing to say the least.
For Fall '10 Alice Temperley was inspired by previously unseen works from Norman Parkinson. Alice and photographer Adam Whitehead photographed 16 modern British icons in the collection to bring forward a true British point-of-view and glamour. Subjects included Sophie Dahl, Annie Lennox, and Yasmin Le Bon. Each photograph was blown up on canvas and was hand-embroidered and embellished using the same techniques as the collection pieces resulting in a three dimensional representation of each garment.
The coolest part about it was that I felt like I was looking at a retrospective, but was really viewing an upcoming collection. It made all of the pieces look vintage and almost timeless.

Each piece of art will be auctioned off this Spring in London and the proceeds will be donated to Oxfam to help support women in West Africa. So amazing!


Christian Cota Fall '10

Lindsey Calla

"Looking at my work in a new way, through the prism of structure, brought me back to basics. You could say that this collection is classic Christian Cota, deconstructed."

The theme for Christian Cota's Fall '10 line was Look Again, but honestly, he didn't have to remind anyone to keep looking at his work. You could see from the turnout that everyone is eyeing what he is doing next and maybe most importantly, he seems to have won Vogue's blessing. Ex Vogue-ette Lauren Santo Domingo styled the show and I literally almost bumped into Anna Wintour coming in as I was exiting.

What I love about Christian Cota is that his clothes are like wearable modern art. I feel like I want to take his pieces and hang them on my wall. That is not surprising considering the designer started out studying painting and Fine Art prior to launching his line.
His collection is how a forward thinking modern woman really wants to dress without looking overly futuristic. This Fall, he took inspiration from the Cubist way of thinking and re-thought his own work by changing fluid draping to hard geometric juts.

Can't wait to see what he does next and watch his career grow!


Alexa Chung for Madewell

Lindsey Calla


I fully admit and accept that our mates across the pond may have a cooler sense of style than we do here in America. Cases in point: Twenty8Twelve, All Saints, Topshop, Kate Moss, and now Alexa Chung for Madewell. Quite ironic actually that a very Americana brand taps an English lass for their collection, but Madewell was pinning pics of Alexa on their inspiration boards well before the collaboration came to be. It couldn't be a better match.
Every piece in the collection looks like it was plucked right off of Alexa herself and put into the garments. Effortlessly cool and laid-back, the collection shows high waisted shorts, cheeky peter pan collars, dainty tea dresses, and of course denim. Translation: I want everything.

Brit-it pal, Pixie Geldof, modeled a look for the presentation.

Look for the line come late August under the label "Alexa Chung for Madewell" in Madewell stores and online at That couldn't seem further away. I'm not rushing summer, but I can't wait to get my hands on some of these pieces!

Just Touched Down in London Town

Lindsey Calla


There's been some major buzz surrounding Timo Weiland and rightfully so. Their Fall collection touched on 60's London with just a dash of innocence and definitely brought out all the cool kids. I rode the elevator with Sammy and Roxy from The City and every person in the space looked like they just stepped out of a very well-dressed, super cool world. Then there was me, hunched over with a giant bag weighing me down and a giant camera around my neck. Must work on fitting in.

My favorite piece was the draped pleated plaid skirt with button detail up the front and I loved the cool turban mod hats.

Also checked out the Alexa Chung for Madewell collection at The Bowery and will be posting pictures of that shortly! Just a warning: you will want every single piece in this collection. It is basically her amazing quirky vintage wardrobe re-made by Madewell with a fantastic price point. Get better.

Monday to Fashion

Lindsey Calla


So glad I came across this because I didn't get a chance to photograph my outfit yesterday! Check out this site, From Monday to Fashion, for updated street fashion around the Tents for NYFW. I've seen lots of inspiring outfits all over the streets this season and it really makes me re-think how to throw things together.
Heading out to cover some more events! Stay warm!!


Untamed Beauty

Lindsey Calla


Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you all are spending time with people you love or at least doing something that you love! Today's schedule was a little light today which I was pretty thankful for for. I swung by the Malandrino showing at The Chelsea Art Museum and was blown away why by the raw luxury of the collection. Catherine Malandrino was inspired by a vision of the earth as seen from above and realizing that the woman who inhabits this world must simultaneously embody strength, ease, and raw femininity.

I am obsessed with these pants! The rugged fabrication in these pants look primal against more fluid draping.

Deep mineral tones such as indigo and rust tie in the inspiration of the natural world. I've been seeing a lot of blue within a lot of different collections this season and it feels really fresh. Perhaps that will break me out of my black mood that I've fallen into lately.

This was the place to be between 12pm-1pm today and you could barely move through the crowd especially with Kate Walsh, Mena Suvari, and The City girls in attendance.

I love presentations so much more than runway shows. You get way better pictures and can really see the clothes up close. I just wish all of the events were spaced just a little closer!
Hope you enjoy the last few hours of the weekend!