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Saucy Glossie

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Glossie Getaways: Casablanca

Lindsey Calla


Dress: Trina Turk, Shoes: Sole Society, Ring: Sorrelli

Greetings from another day in Casablanca!  It was so much fun packing for this trip.  I really wanted to find things that brought in elements of this region without being too thematic.  It's a complete obsession of mine to pull together a wardrobe for a travel adventure.  I noticed a ton of tassels at the markets so it was fun to incorporate that spirit into my outfit!  This dress has so many exquisite details that make it distinct but also keep it very classic (Neutral! Long sleeves! Brilliant texture!).. I definitely wanted to mix it with a more affordable shoe and this pair just looks so rich.

Casablanca is so unique and has a vibrant resort vibe that puts me right at home by mixing the city and the ocean.  I can easily switch from a flowy maxi to a more polished look without even missing a beat and that is something I love because then I don't have to choose if I'm a city girl or a beach bum ;-).

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Lindsey Calla


Hat: Urban Outfitters, Top: c/o Corey Lynn Calter, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: c/o Nine West, Necklace: c/o Saint Claude

I love being away.  Every time I go away something really exciting happens and I always feel so fresh and free.  We had such a blast this day in New Orleans.  We had the longest lunch ever at one of my favorite restaurants, Sylvain, where the bartender made us some of his secret speciality cocktails and we feasted on pickle plates and other southern delicacies.  We checked out some shows at NOLA fashion week and picked up some of these cute scarf necklaces at their pop-up shop.

I fell in love with this area of NOLA and wished that I could just sip a sazerac on a rocking chair on a porch and not wear a watch because time is unnecessary here.   The houses were like confections and my eyes had to literally adjust to all of the color because I haven't seen anything bright in the gross, grey Northeast.

I really had to stretch my suitcase wardrobe by this point.  I managed to find a way to travel with hats which is to stack them on top of each other so they stay molded.  I also carried them on instead of squishing them in my checked baggage.  Some people carry on their dogs and children, I carry on my hats.  Call me old-fashioned.

The Big Easy

Lindsey Calla


Hat: Banana Republic, Sunnies: Michael Kors, Dress: Banana Republic, Belt: c/o New York & Company, Shoes: c/o Nine West, Bag: c/o Hobo International, Bracelets: Tory Burch, Target, Watch: Swatch

What happens when you descend into fantasy land (aka New Orleans) for an awesome trip with 3 of your favorite blogger friends?  A whole lot of picture taking debauchery is what happens.  There was also a ton of eating and drinking which is a whole different post in itself.  I'm trying hard to be excited about being back but so far my head is still elsewhere.  ChristineKeiko and I had way too much fun playing around in this city.  How we got out alive is beyond me.

The trip allowed me to start playing around with spring gear and it's always tough to throw on a strappy dress when your arms are ghastly pale.  My body nearly freaked out at the feeling of sweat and I forgot for a second what it was like because it has been so cold for soo long at home.

Next trip I promise to do a whole post on packing.  Somehow I always manage to have more options than I think and it takes a little bit of creativity to make the contents of your suitcase go further.   This dress is a perfect easy dress and the length begs for platforms so that I don't look frumpy.  These shoes are pretty interesting because they have a unique shape.. part flatform, part curved heel, part platform sandal... Pretty comfortable.  I walked about 3 miles in them to get to this famous cemetery.  You can see the humidity evolution in my hair from that walk if you look closely.  Ahh summer, time to break out the curls.

So many more pics to come, you guys!  I also have some great recommendations for New Orleans that I'll put together for you.

Sweet Nothings

Lindsey Calla


Sunnies: Zara, Jacket: Juicy Couture, Shirt: Cynthia Steffe, Skirt: Club Monaco, Bracelets: Target + H&M, Shoes: LAMB via TJ Maxx, Bag: c/o Hobo International Photos of me by the lovely Christine

Greetings from New Orleans!  I have to say that I already love this town.  The culture, the architecture, the southern spirit.... It all comes together to make this place really unique and special.  When I walked around the French Quarter I knew that I wanted to wear something super lady-like.  It's just a place that makes me want to dress up and play the part of a sweet southern belle.

It was so much fun to walk around in the gorgeous hot weather with Christine, Keiko Lynn and her bf and blogger, Bobby.  We nibbled on Beignets at Cafe du Monde, checked out the Mississippi River, and wandered the streets taking pics.   And I can't even describe how good the food is here! I've already experienced a to-go cup, which was quite an enjoyable and refreshing experience especially right before a panel lecture.

More to come from the panel last night!  Thanks to everyone who came out to chat with us!

La Jolla

Lindsey Calla


Baja hoodie: Guatemala market, Shoes: Aldo, Pants: c/o New York & Company, Hat: Forever 21, Sunnies: Michael Kors

Greetings from Cali!  It's freezing and raining here at the moment and I was only able to steal about an hour of sunshine.. I didn't even really plan to take pics so this outfit and these pictures are very impromptu.  Actually it was really fun because my dad took them and I feel like it was a great father/daughter bonding moment.

I picked this hoodie up in Guatemala for like $5 and I've been seeing the same style out in stores this spring.. Banana has one and so does Tory if you're looking to pick one up.  They are best on cool summer nights when you sit out on the deck with friends and watch the sunset... Can't wait for summer!

Resort Report

Lindsey Calla


Top/Bracelet: Tory Burch, Pants: Zara, Shoes: Christian Louboutin, Necklace: NY market, Sunnies: Forever 21, Bag: Tory Burch Photos: Altamira

I didn't forget about you all!  I'm just finally starting to feel better!  The pharmacy forgot to give me some of my medicine so I've been pretty beat up the past week.  So, no new outfits but I still have a few more from Antigua and let's face it: snow makes for bad outfits so hopefully this gives you all warm thoughts.

This is one of my favorite sets of pictures because we just set out on the vespa and rode up and down the streets looking for hidden places and fun things to see.  There is so much history and beauty packed into such a small town.  On the last day we actually rode up that volcano in the background which was pretty amazing.

Tory Burch let me borrow some things for the trip and this top was my number 1 pick.. The tassel sleeves are beyond perfect for a Central American resort vacation.  And this backpack?  The best accessory ever for when you are out all day doing touristy things but still want to look chic.

I miss it so much there already.  Sometimes I wonder if I would be just as happy working and living in a magical warm place like this instead of a big stressful city... Maybe one day I'll test it out.  For now, the reality of real life and winter is slapping me in the face as I come out of my flu-coma.

Have a safe and happy New Years Eve!!  Any fun plans? I'm taking it easy to ensure that I get 100 percent better this year.

Solar Deity

Lindsey Calla


Kaftan: Meghan Fabulous via TJ Maxx, Shoes: Zara, Cuff: Photos: Altamira

Merry Christmas Eve!  I still have more pictures to share from my trip which is keeping me from having to photograph winter clothes in the freezing cold and dull lighting.  I'm going to continue to bask in the warmth that comes off these photos and mentally plot my next escape to somewhere resorty again.  Better yet, I think I belong somewhere warm year round.... It's one of my New Year's Resolutions.

I found this dress the same day I found the Guatemalan looking top at TJ Maxx and I couldn't believe it.. both were so perfect for the trip it was almost fate.  These are more pics from our hotel, Panza Verde.  For a boutique hotel with only about 12 rooms, this place has more inspiration per square inch than anywhere I've ever stayed.

Hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with lots of joy!

Caffeine Cartel

Lindsey Calla


Top: Tory Burch, Skirt: Cynthia Steffe, Belt: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Shoes: Zara, Ring: from the markets, Sunnies: Forever 21 Photos: Altamira

One day last week we took our vespa up to a coffee plantation and checked out the amazing views and rode around looking at coffee plants.  I would have never guessed coffee looked like a berry before it was roasted and grounded to what we recognize.  I can't explain how fresh the air is up in these mountains!  I miss it so much already as I'm laying here on my death bed with a bad flu.

I found this ring at one of the markets and it has a cool Mayan figure etched into it (hard to tell in the picture).  It's actually a men's ring and I can just picture someone from a cartel wearing it while doing shady business.  Finding jewelry treasures like this is one of my favorite parts about traveling.

I still have so many more pictures to share from the trip!  Thankfully I do because I have a feeling I will be down and out for a few more days trying to nurse this flu!

The Tourist

Lindsey Calla


Jacket: Meghan Fabulous via TJ Maxx, Shorts: Cynthia Steffe, Top: Myne, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Hat: Jessica Simpson, Sunnies: Michael Kors Photos: Altamira

Believe it or not I stumbled across this jacket in TJ Maxx on the clearance rack and I knew that it was made to be shot here.  It looks like something that I could have found at the markets.  I wanted to bring/shoot something that could mix in with the culture but was still contemporary and this couldn't have been more perfect.  Mixing it with a black and white graphic short keeps it up to date and adds a different level of visual interest.  Plus, I also love the long tassels and the jacket's overall shape.

These pictures were taken in an old Spanish colonial university and the last picture was taken in what's left of the Cathedral from the 16th century... A series of earthquakes brought it down to pieces and they just left the huge pillars in the middle of the structure and you can only get a sense of the size when I'm standing next to them.

Just got word that it's snowing at home.. There is a good chance that I might stay here and live in the mountains and make tortillas.  La vida sencilla.

Panza Verde

Lindsey Calla


Top: Tory Burch resort, Skirt: Cynthia Steffe, Earrings and bracelets:, Backpack: Tory Burch, Shoes: Zara Photos: Altamira

It's not often that you find a hotel that is so cozy and charming that you can't help but want to settle in, make it your own and never want to come home.  Panza Verde, in Antigua Guatemala, basically fits every single category on my dream list: recreated Spanish Colonial ambiance, private fireplaces, luxurious bathrooms adorned with medieval candelabras, and endless gardens and terraces topped off with charming cupolas.  After surveying the city it is definitely one of the best kept secrets in all of Antigua.

For a few days I was able to experience this boutique hotel firsthand and explore every charming corner and capture as much as I can on film to try to recreate the ambiance here for you.  There are a few more pictures that I will put up soon and believe it or not there are even more areas to this hotel that are equally stunning.

Pretty much every corner of Antigua begs for resort clothing and I leap at any chance to wear them especially in a warm city that makes you feel transported back in time.  Here, you walk around on cobblestone streets with 3 volcanos looming over you (one which was actually smoking) and you see crumbled Spanish architecture weathered from both time and a devastating earthquake.

I'm just hoping time slows down just a little more so I can delay going back to a grey and snowy New York!



Lindsey Calla


Dress:, Belt: Tory Burch, Shoes: Zara (heels) and Aldo, Sweater: White and Warren, Sunnies: Michael Kors Photos: Altamira

This was the first day of our stay in Antigua and we just decided to go out and explore the city with no real plan.  We stumbled on a huge procession in the square where everyone gathered to see one of the highest ranking officials of the church in Guatemala make a visit.  It seemed like all of the local indigenous people were there and it was total visual stimulation for me with all of their brightly colored textiles.  I bartered with the cutest little girl to get a few to take home with me..

I also fell in love with these ruins.  I have a huge love affair with things like this and just stopped and stared at it for a while until we decided to sneak over the fence to get a better look (and some pics of course).

Heels don't hold up well on the cobblestones and I love that this dress doesn't drag on the floor with flats.  The orange color fits right in with the bright houses and can you see the volcano in the background on the first pic?  Look closely!


Seconds in San Salvador

Lindsey Calla


Top: Tory Burch

On our flight to Guatemala we had a 5 hour layover in El Salvador which we originally thought would be spent sitting in the airport all day..  However, a spur of the moment adventurous decision led us to hiring a driver to take us to the key spots in San Salvador and back in time for our flight.  The driver hinted that it was very unsafe to take pictures here but we managed to sneak a couple quick ones!  I also managed to find the coolest shoes in record timing.

More to come from Central America! Besos!

Lone Star

Lindsey Calla

Top/Pants: c/o Old Navy, Shoes: Marshalls, Scarf: Anthropologie

I've realized that taking pictures in an airport is the best way to kill time before you have to board.  I'm not one of those people who likes to cut it close so I always have plenty of time to play around.  I usually end up at the really expensive Xpress spas with the amazing massage chairs so this is a cheaper distraction.

I really like these pants but they were a little too tight for my liking and I ended up not being as comfortable as I usually am.  I always remember to travel with a scarf and these shoes are my version of flats and they fit my destination: Texas!


Lindsey Calla

Top: Anthropologie, Pants: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Aldo,  Necklace: Made by me at Fenton Fallon event!

Heading to Boston for a press trip!  I wanted to post pics from last night's Camp Fenton Fallon event but I'm about to board. So, for now, here is a sneak preview of the necklace that I made at the event!  Who wears necklaces like this to the aiport? Actually, I do... all the time.  My only wish is that airports have free wi-fi.  So when I'm either President or Secretary of Blogger Relations I will provide free internet to everyone!

Cheers Mate

Lindsey Calla

sunsilk 4
Photos by Sassi Sam
It's amazing how a little time can change your whole perspective on things. This time last year, I had left my job, moved to Sydney, and didn't know where to go next. Going back this year with a stronger frame of mind brought out the best in Sydney and myself. To me, Sydney is perfect. It's pretty much a utopian society where everyone is happy because their quality of life is so amazing. There are fantastic beaches, charming neighborhoods, and a bustling center city. Most of the food is organic and fresh and the weather is so fantastic that it entices you to want to be outdoors exploring the scenic cliff walks and running trails.
I do love New York, but lately it has been leaving little to be desired. Grass is greener, I suppose, but sometimes I feel like New York brings out the worst in me.
On my last day, Sassi Sam took me to a Sunsilk event at the Opera House. Eating a beautiful 4 course meal inside the House with sweeping views of the CBD was almost like a dream. There, we learned about the launch of a brand new line of Sunsilk hair care products co-created by some of the best stylists in the biz. Rita Hazan, Ouidad, and Tom Taw are just three of seven experts picked to create their own line based on what they are known for best. Here's a clip of the video we were shown to help us get familiar with which stylists they picked and why...


This is a world-wide launch so you will be able to find these products on shelves here as well. The US site still says "Coming Soon" so keep checking back for more info.

Lindsey Calla

coat angle
coat bowie
flower dress 1
lmff collage
This has been such an amazing trip and I've been so lucky to meet so many amazing people along the way. Last week I met with Bowie, a Sydney based designer, who gave me a tour of his show stopping pieces. Bowie also dressed me for last night's events in a beautiful hand sewn sequin floral dress and black evening coat with an exaggerated collar. I'm so in love with the shape of this coat.. It is so elegant, but also fresh and modern and highlights the decolletage perfectly.
I had to take the jacket off because it was soo hot, but it allowed me to show off the great detail of the mini dress and it pretty much created 2 looks in one night.
Thanks so much to Bowie and Winston for their support. Check out their website for more info!
Also, the photos were taken by Yann Audic, a very cool French-Sydney photographer who ran around with me all night trying to grab as much footage as we could! So fun meeting people from all over the world. He also took the shots for the Woolmark award ad campaign.. He is super talented.. Here's one of the photos from the postcards that went in the goody bags.

Jetting back to Sydney tonight! I have a SunSilk event tomorrow at the Opera House and I am SO excited to take pics in front of that iconic building. Hmm what to wear!?


Flower Child and Rock Goddess

Lindsey Calla

red 2-text
red rock
It's amazing what a scenery change can do for the photos! The background and natural landscape almost seems fake because it is so perfect and beautiful. The crazy part is that it was partly cloudy yesterday and locals were complaining about how bad the weather was! Even a bad day in Sydney is a good day.
Sassi Sam took my pics again yesterday down on the rocks at Coogee Beach. We had such a blast until we got caught in a massive rain shower.
High waisted shorts are just begging for a cute bralette top. I still need to find one that matches these shorts, but for the now the black will do because it has a retro feel to it.
In the airport waiting for my flight to Melbourne. I'm attending the Governor's Ball tonight! The theme is Winter Wonderland (err, enough with winter!) and I'll be able to meet tons of Aussie designers and Editors. Can't wait to post on it!

Welcome Abroad

Lindsey Calla

strick 1
Today was such an amazing carefree and productive day! I met up with one of Austrailia's biggest bloggers, Sassi Sam. We chatted about all things techy-geek related and she was an amazing tour guide.
She took me to this mansion along the harbour that had so many different areas to shoot at! It provided such a unique backdrop and Sam was a PRO behind the camera!
What I love about Sydney is how lost you can get wandering the different bays and inlets. There are so many of them, but each one feels secluded enough to maintain its own charm.
Sam will be helping me with all of my photos this week since she did such an exceptional job today! Plus, we just have way too much fun together! Check her site out here for all things girly and super fun!
I'm also pretty obsessed with my new sunglasses.. They are tortoise shell with white lining on top! Tres chic.