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The City Musings

Saucy Glossie

The City Musings

Lindsey Calla


Anyone watch The City last night? always has a hilarious recap the day after.  My favorite quote from today's wrap-up:

 "What is Freddie’s dad thinking by appearing on this show? What is Freddie thinking by allowing this to happen? Aren’t these people businessmen? Wall Street must really be a joke."

Yes, NYmag, you are so right like you've never been right before.  Any finance guy that even thinks or tries to get pushed into being on The City must be a complete loser.  

Do you know that they actually try to petition each other to try out for the role of the boyfriend on the show?  True story.  This is why our financial system is a mess.  Because guys in finance are too busy trying to be on girly reality shows so they can high five their buddies and check it off their man list.

Anyone remember Bethany's first boyfriend in the early seasons of NY Housewives?  He got fired for appearing on the show.

Focus on fixing the world, finance guys.  And stop trying to make The City happen for you.  It's not going to happen.  

Editor's Note: This is unrelated, but equally amusing (from Nymag):

Lesson 7: Getting your love interest to like you after your dad insults her.
Do: Change out of work clothes before said function so you don't look lazy and douchey. Freddie looks just amazing at the party. He lets his hair down into crisp gelled waves and offsets his freshly buffed orange skin with a bright-turquoise gingham shirt, unbuttoned just so. He looks like a modern-day Nantucket-dwelling Poseidon who just body surfed from New England to Manhattan on a wave of hair gel. Somehow this turns Whitney on and she tells him he looks "cute."