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The Glossie Report- Marie Claire

Saucy Glossie

The Glossie Report- Marie Claire

Lindsey Calla


As questioned earlier this week, Beyonce did not wear one of her costumes on the June Marie Claire cover.  Instead, she glammed it up in a Gucci sequin dress which fits her cover story perfectly.  I thought maybe Balmain would make a cover appearance for this but Frida's rock star creation clearly won out.

Hot Jocks-Marie Claire wants you to get sporty for the month of June.  Neons were the underlying theme throughout the glossy pages.  Even profiling super hot athletes and their fashion choices.

Standout article- Abigal Haworth investigates the impact of the recession on outsourced jobs, specifically in India call centers.  Call center agents have quickly seen a rise in panic stricken just layed off callers trying desperately to reduce their credit card or phone bills.  Imagine the pain knowing hundreds of Indians are still employed within an American company and yet you cannot find a job here to save your life, literally.  The most shocking, ironic revelation in the article is the effort the call centers go through to make sure their employees are well versed in American culture.  Perhaps even teaching the fundamentals of the American "dream"?
Overall, recession friendly colors and a good mix of price-points.. after all the MC reader is beauty and brains and hopefully has a kick ass job to be able to afford $300 Stephen Sprouse for LV leggings..  Here's hoping...?