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Saucy Glossie

The Killer Combo

Lindsey Calla

Saucy Glossie

Jacket & Shoes: Adidas, Bra & Shorts: Nike

Happy Monday!  Between doing yoga and working on balance, strength and flexibility, I also like to work in more traditional exercise moves like lunges, squats, etc.  It's that old saying that if it ain't broke don't fix it and lunges completely fall into that category.  I remember a time when I feared they would pack muscle on and bulk me up, but with the killer combo of cardio, yoga and lunges it's really helped lean my legs out and make them look long and lean rather than short and bulky.   If you're looking to make them a little more challenging then check out the gif below.  Suspending my arms in the air engages my core and incorporating high-knees into the lunge makes it feel a little more explosive.  Sometimes I hold a stability ball between my hands to challenge my core even more.  These will really get your butt and legs tingling in the best way possible.

Saucy Glossie

I'm also a big fan of the pops of color in my workout outfit.  The pop of neon in the sports bra is everything!

Hope this inspires you and starts your week off on a positive note.  I know it's fashion week but there's already an over saturation of coverage and I have a really awesome week with a fitness shoot wednesday and being the red carpet host for Fashion Rocks tomorrow night!  Make sure to tune in to catch my exclusive interviews with the celebs, backstage, and insider access to the show!  Follow my insta for more detailed info!  @saucyglossie

xo, SG