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The Other Side

Saucy Glossie

The Other Side

Lindsey Calla


Ski Outfit: c/o Roxy, Sweater & Beanie: American Eagle, Goggles: Smith

For most people reading they probably think that it's so odd for a girl who dresses up in really feminine outfits every single day to try to fit into the sports world, but for me it's probably where I feel most comfortable.  I played Division I lacrosse and sports has always been a big influence in my life and I'm actually a pretty big tomboy.  To be asked to cover the style aspect of the X Games was pretty much my dream opportunity and to do it with such an awesome group of guy bloggers made the trip even more awesome.  The X Games added style, film, and music to their events this year and it was a full-fledged lifestyle experience.  We were even interviewed on ESPN about our time there which you can check out HERE.  Finally, something the boys in my family can really relate to on my blog ;-)

Here's a cool video I put together from the trip!  Everyone keeps talking about this Vine app but I used one called Montaj and it's pretty sweet so far.  I have a bunch more photos from the Games that I'll share over the week. xx