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The Thursday Play-by-Play

Saucy Glossie

The Thursday Play-by-Play

Lindsey Calla


(Me and a New York & Company model aka: floppy hat soul-sisters) Top: Zara, Hat: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx, Shoes: Miu Miu, Skirt: c/o Club Monaco, Jewelry: flea market

I know, I know, this skirt again?  Yes, I love it.  It's really been a great foundational piece for me and I can't get enough of the shape.  Yesterday was a really fun marathon day of events in the beautiful spring weather.  It started off at Banana Republic checking out their amazing dress line and I had the hardest time picking out my favorite.  I managed to narrow it down and will wear it in a post soon so you can see what I chose.  I got a chance to talk to Simon Kneen who gave me the most gracious style compliment that I will treasure forever and we also had a great conversation about hats.  They showed tons of them at their fall show this week and he said he thinks that they are taking over as the new statement accessory.  Hear that, ladies?  Put away your It-bags.  It's all about a chic chapeau.

Then I met up with Christine who took some pics of me on the Highline.  I had just gotten done sitting in the direct sunlight on a rooftop and I forgot what it felt like to be hot and have your face melt off in 5 minutes.. By the end of the day I was totally wilted. We then meandered over to the Blackberry Playbook launch and got to play around with the new gadget that will no doubt be joining my Nook Color in my bag at all times.

Lastly, we met up with Kimberly and Melissa to check out New York & Company Fall which was unbelievably fun partly because I love the whole team there and the looks they showed, and partly because when you put all of us together we can't help but have the best time ever.  Phew, I'm exhausted just explaining that day but it was such good fun!