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Urban Cowgirl

Saucy Glossie

Urban Cowgirl

Lindsey Calla

"Hasn't everybody at some point or another had the fantasy of being a cowboy? A cowgirl?"





I'm so drawn to anything that looks really old and historical. Whether it's ancient art, weathered architecture, or vintage jewelry, I instantly fall in love. This old fire house is so charming! I can just picture a mini-red fire engine pulling out of it playing little hero to a small town. This is about as western as it gets in a Yankee town, as some would call it.
This is a small effort at modernizing a western look. No cowboy hat here.... The daisy print dress and leather are enough for me.
I got these awesome JC shoes at the annual LF Fifth Avenue sale and it took me a while to convince myself to buy them. Why? Because I'm also not really a cowboy boot kinda girl. The heel seemed low and I don't wear a lot of brown. However, there is something really wearable about these.. They are like a bootie and a cowboy boot combined.. I love them! I think it might be the square toe... I hate pointy toe shoes! Blah, you hear that Prada Fall? Despite your sweet little bows, I will not be lusting after you.
Are you a round toe or pointy toe shoe lover?