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V'day and EDFF Fashion Week Faves

Saucy Glossie

V'day and EDFF Fashion Week Faves

Lindsey Calla


{Happy Valentine's Day!!}Dress and art: Anna Coroneo

I guess since I'm posting today I have to address Valentine's Day.  **long pause**  Ok, moving on.

I've been having an amazing time attending all of the Ecco Domani shows.  I feel so lucky to get such special access to these designers because they are all so talented and have been creating a ton of buzz.  The line to just get in The Lake & Stars was winding around the corner and Anna Wintour herself showed up at Pamela Love with Bee.

Most of the shows are presentations, which I happen to prefer over the big production runway shows.  You can really see the detail, quality, and craftsmanship in every collection.  I've been able to get up close and personal with every designer to ask them some pressing questions and I've been spending a lot of time with Robert Verdi, who I've always admired as a tv personality.  I've been trying to study his every move hoping I can pick up some hosting tips!

Here are some of my favorite looks so far:

M. Patmos I had a chance to chat with Marcia Patmos and asked her the age old quesion: How can you layer knits in the winter and not look bulky?  Well, it's all about the weight of the knit in each layer.  The under layers should be a finer gauge and then you can start playing around with proportion with the heavier weight fabric on top.

The Lake & Stars Mayaan Zilberman and Nikki Dekker approached their collection with a 1970's interpretation of Italian neo-classicsm as it pertains to surface, symbolism, and function.  Their collection of underpinnings transcend the usual just-for-the-bedroom lingerie and they have created something that begs to be seen, not just hidden underneath.

Mandy Coon One of my favorite collections so far.  I loved her use of texture and she told me backstage that mixing texture is something that she has been trying to focus on every season.  This collection was inspired by a an old picture of her chic mom and the pops of color in the hair were used to balance out the dark overtones.

At each show there is a different type of Ecco Domani wine that we get to sample and we have even done runway walk-offs with Robert.  So fun!  You can see some more pics on the Ecco Domani facebook page HERE.