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Whats the Scoop, Duckie Brown?

Saucy Glossie

Whats the Scoop, Duckie Brown?

Lindsey Calla


Florsheim, one of the oldest shoe makers around, partnered up with small but uber-buzzed about menswear line Duckie Brown for a new line of menswear shoes.  The Scoop Men's store celebrated the collaboration with Pabst Blue Ribbon beers (and only Pabst Blue Ribbons)  and tables full of the sleek and chic collection.

Daniel Silver, one half of the founders of DB, spoke with me about how he was able to revamp and sauce up the line.  Getting the story while sharing PBRs made me get a true sense of the type of man that they can appeal to.  A man's man straight man can rock the lace-less loafer while still looking not too trendy and the fashionista guy can chose the metallic silver and make it look effortlessly stylish (like Daniel himself did last night).  
The story is one to remember as the two iconic mens brands came across each other through a prom dream come true.  A young high-schooler wrote into Duckie Brown hoping and pleading for them to dress him for his prom.  He said all he needs and loves is girls, rock, and Duckie Brown... The designers, after much oscillating thought, agreed and also had just happened to send the boy an old pair of Florsheim shoes from past runway shows.  The New Yorker had picked up the story and when the Florsheim family picked up on the article, a match in designer collaboration heaven was made.  
Daniel told me that they took the classic shoes and turned up the juice by using a higher quality of materials like Italian leather and energetic colors like electric blue, which was my favorite and was also one of the biggest colors and styles bought for Fall.  The price point is nice for men's shoes ranging from $250-$450 roughly depending on the style and material.   Each shoe has a red color under the tongue to keep the integrity of the Florsheim brand's family heritage rich in a long blood line (thus the red color) of family successors.  Scoop picked up these more classic styles below, but my fav is still the electric blue.
Check out these shoes at Scoop's Mens store downtown on Washington street