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Saucy Glossie

Winter is Coming

Lindsey Calla

Lindsey Calla Lindsey Calla

Lindsey Calla

Dress: Theory, Jacket: Rag & Bone (on sale here), Boots: SOREL, hat: Grace

Probably one of the hardest seasonal transitions for me is summer to fall/winter. I'm such a beach and sun girl and when the light gets grey and cold, it's dark at 4 and the weather turns to slush, I tend to get a little unnerved. Throw on top of that the fact that I've been splitting my time between various cities and climates and it makes for a situation where I need things that can be more versatile and comfortable. I feel like I touched on this on my last boot post but it's really so true! My friends in the south tend to throw on boots when it gets to like 50 degrees (ha) and so it's really not all that unordinary to make winter boots work for a little more milder of a climate when it may not be snowing but it's super wet. That's basically what encompasses this look. It's the jet-stream-creeped-down-real-low-and-its-kinda-cold-and-wet look. Because the chill you get when you're in a warm climate makes the dampness feel raw but you still can get away with your transitional clothes and just layer and aim to keep your feet dry. So these SOREL boots can go from rainy south to snowy north pretty easily for me. They work well for wet weather down in New Orleans because of the rubber bottom and then I'll most definitely layer them up with full on winter clothes in the north.  Like the boots last time, I'll most likely bring these with me to Colorado, too,  for Thanksgiving which is the only place I really wish for snow so I can ski!

There's also a contest with this! Woot!  Share a photo or video on Instagram or Twitter with #SORELstylecontest. You could receive a $250 gift card to be applied toward lift tickets, travel, equipment or your favorite winter activities.  And let me tell you, lift tickets are hella expensive so this would be so ideal. Good luck!

xo, SG