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Empowering Women One Post at a Time

Saucy Glossie

Empowering Women One Post at a Time

Lindsey Calla

I am a huge advocate for any program that promotes women's rights and positive advancements in gender equality.  Today marks the first day of National Business Women's Week and there is no one better to look up to as a successful business woman than Tory Burch.  In addition to her fashion and accessory empire, she also founded The Tory Burch Foundation to economically empower women through mentoring and microfinance.

Tory has put together a collection of gifts emblazoned with the Foundation's signature sunflower with all proceeds benefiting The Tory Burch Foundation.  How cute are these?  The wrap bracelets are my fave!  You can buy them here

After you scoop up some cute gifts that give back, you still might need some more positive reinforcement.  Enter Andrea Lavinthal.  I had the pleasure of working with Andrea at Cosmopolitan, which included many nights playing stylist for her in the Cosmo closet!  She has a new book out called:  Your So-Called Life: A guide to Boys, Body Issues, and other Big-Girl Drama You Thought You Would Have Figured Out by Now

The book is not only full of funny wit and wisdom, but she gathered the thoughts of nearly 30 experts including doctors, financial planners, and career counselors.  This might just cure the third-life-crisis or "thrisis" as she calls it that even I've been experiencing after turning 26 and venturing out into the big scary world of adulthood.

What a great way to start off the week right? Might have to make this a consistant Monday post theme!