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Yesterday,  pictures surfaced of Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway who will be staring in the new Alice in Wonderland....which already sounded amazing until I saw these costume pictures, and now it sounds and looks incredible.  The actors are not only transformed by costume and make-up, but are also digitally changed to enhance their appearance and enhance the psychedelic feel that Alice and Wonderland always has evoked.  I smell not only a probable Oscar for the acting but for the costume design as well... Check out the full article here.
On the same whimsical path, I checked out an art exhibition by NY artist Erna Leon Barsegian last night at Hudson Terrace.  Erna actually draws her inspiration from the best elements of surrealism and magical realism, which has the same effect as Alice in Wonderland...sort of a psychedelic trip into the artistic world.  The pieces were extremely beautiful and rich in texture and had so many layers to it that you could stare in awe for hours and still find new elements of the work.  The pieces were at an amazing price, ranging from $1000-$6000 roughly.  For contact info for Erna, email at
Speaking of art, inspired to take a trip to the Met today to check out some old favorites and also check out the Model as Muse exhibit!