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Saucy Glossie

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SUP Yoga

Lindsey Calla

& Wet Activewear 

Happy Friday!  I am so excited to have attempted another board activity!  First it was surfing and since that will take me quite a while to master I wanted to try another board activity to help strengthen my core.  Stand Up Paddleboard is kinda having a moment right now and since I need to challenge myself more than just moving a paddle in the water, I decided to try adding the yoga element.  These pictures are literally documenting my first attempt at doing this.  Clearly, I stayed near the dock and was a little shaky in some of the poses, but it was one of the most fun and challenging things I've done in a while.  I'm still working on my yoga in general and when you add the board element it's easy to forget good form so I suggest taking a class with a certified teacher to make sure you really get the most out of it.

Here, I decided to use the tandem paddleboard.  It had a rubber mat for more traction and it's wider and longer to allow for more balance.  I wasn't even out there that long and I woke up sore the next day from paddling myself and trying to stabilize on the board.  I also didn't use the actual paddle to get me out in the water and kinda preferred it that way because I need to work on my upper arm strength for surfing.

I really encourage you to give this a try!  It's an awesome activity to do with friends and I promise you will laugh your ass off while working your ass off.  :-)

PS: The last picture is my Blue Crush moment!  Except I'm not riding a huge wave in Hawaii with a Tom Brady look-a-like waiting for me on the sand, but baby steps.

xo, SG

Surf suit: Seea (similar)

The Other Side

Lindsey Calla


Ski Outfit: c/o Roxy, Sweater & Beanie: American Eagle, Goggles: Smith

For most people reading they probably think that it's so odd for a girl who dresses up in really feminine outfits every single day to try to fit into the sports world, but for me it's probably where I feel most comfortable.  I played Division I lacrosse and sports has always been a big influence in my life and I'm actually a pretty big tomboy.  To be asked to cover the style aspect of the X Games was pretty much my dream opportunity and to do it with such an awesome group of guy bloggers made the trip even more awesome.  The X Games added style, film, and music to their events this year and it was a full-fledged lifestyle experience.  We were even interviewed on ESPN about our time there which you can check out HERE.  Finally, something the boys in my family can really relate to on my blog ;-)

Here's a cool video I put together from the trip!  Everyone keeps talking about this Vine app but I used one called Montaj and it's pretty sweet so far.  I have a bunch more photos from the Games that I'll share over the week. xx


Glossie Game Day: Advantage, Saucy.

Lindsey Calla


Well this was epic.  Polo Ralph Lauren approached me a few weeks ago with a very enticing offer to try out to be a ball girl for this year's US Open.  Clearly, thoughts of standing behind Federer grabbing his sweaty towel danced in my head and I immediately said yes.  Then, clearly, thoughts of getting pelted in the face with tennis balls and tripping over my feat while ruining match point flooded over me, but regardless, I was up for the challenge.

I headed out to the Billie Jean King tennis facility with my photographer du jour, Jonathan, who was kind enough to give me a ride on his motorcycle.  Motorcycle. Highway. Tennis tryouts.  Who am I?  Well, what I do know is that you should never ride on a motorcycle in a raging thunderstorm when you need to get photographed working out.  Despite the odds, I arrived somewhat in one piece and I was handed the cutest uniform to wear.

It was the official ball girl uniform designed by Mr. Lauren himself and I died over the Nadal-esque neon theme and flattering feminine cut.  I've worn many uniforms in my day and this one is the epitome of smart design: shorts under the skirt with the right amount of stretch, a flattering taper to the top, and bold, sleek colors.

A group of us were given a private tryout before the real tryouts where we were evaluated on our skills at the net and behind the baseline.  I excelled at running and grabbing the net ball and failed miserably at the back position.  The judge shouted at me every so often things like: "you do realize that hypothetically you just nailed the head judge in the head" and "you actually have to sprint back to your position".

All in all, I'd say that: only Federer can look good mid-workout, I would wear this outfit all day every day and be quite happy, and I still may have retained some athletic ability.. Phew.  Thought it was lost along with my ACL a few years ago.

The best part?  Even if I don't make the team I still get to keep the uniform!  Many thanks to the team at Ralph Lauren for the unique opportunity!

Photography by Jonathan Alpeyrie (except for the Federer photo which I sneaky snapped on the way out)

Glossie Game Day: Interval Importance

Lindsey Calla


Top: Stella McCartney for Adidas, Shorts: New Balance

I have to admit that I'm not a runner.  It hurts my knees and I get bored going at the same pace for an extended period of time.  So for me, interval training keeps workouts exciting and challenging.  I like to go on long walks which I take up a level by including stair sprints whenever I can.   Changing up the intensity in your workout, whether it's sprinting up steps and jogging back down, or increasing the level on the elliptical every few minutes can help you burn way more fat and calories.

For example, and this can be done outside or on a machine, find a steady pace that you feel comfortable but still challenged and keep that for 2-3 minutes, then increase the intensity by sprinting or upping the level for 30 seconds-1 minute.   Repeat.  I guarantee after doing this for a few weeks that you will slowly be able to workout longer as your endurance and strength builds, which in itself is pretty motivating.

If you don't have a timer, use music to time the sections.  Sprint the chorus, walk the other bits... etc.

I did that routine almost daily when I lived in Sydney and walked along the cliffs where the changing level in the terrain allowed me to really play around with this and I was in the best shape of my life.

And just as a side note.. I'm a few hours late but today was National Best Friends Day and you can get these super cute BFF bracelets to support the troops abroad through the American Freedom Foundation!  Check out the site here for more info!!

Glossie Game Day: Passing the Ball to Summer Fitness

Lindsey Calla


Sports bra: AVIA, Shorts: Nike (both via TJ Maxx)

Ok glosslings, a new addition to the regular posting regime is here.  Because blogs are all about being authentic, I can't help but include something that has always been a huge part of my life and shaped me as a person.  Before I submerged myself in this crazy fashion world, I was a pretty full on athlete.  My life was consumed by training, practicing and playing until one day I tore my ACL and then I had all this free time to do new things and discover new passions.   That athlete mentality has always stuck with me and during the summer, especially, I tend to really up my workouts.  So I figured, why not share some of my favorite fitness tips and inspirational messages?

The first?  True in life, work and sports:

The second? Let's talk about getting motivation.  2 things that motivate me to go outside and exercise are: a new workout outfit and new music.

My top tips for looking chic while working out (this is a fashion blog, after all)

  • Bargain hunt: Who wants to spend $50 on a bra? Not me.  My favorite places to pick up cute outfits are TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Old Navy.  Outlet stores are also stocked with cute items.  I once found heaps of Stella McCartney gear at the Adidas outlet in Atlantic City.
  • Cut out the bells and whistles:  A sports bra, to me, shouldn't resemble an actual bra.  Too many things going on, like padding or extra straps, counteracts the whole functional purpose.
  • Stay cool and comfortable:  For summer, stick with light, breathable fabrics like cottons.  I prefer loose shorts with built in underwear to prevent bunching.  One of my favorite pairs is from Old Navy, so don't get sucked in by promises of new technology or expensive name brands.  As long as you feel comfortable and confident, then you've found the right pair.
  • Don't forget about beauty: The best way to keep my hair in its place is with a thick, ouchless hair elastic and Goody Gentle Headbands.  They are the only headbands that don't slip off or cause a crease in your hair.  They also soak up sweat really well.

I'll be posting some of my favorite workouts, playlists and general tips so if there is something that you want to see, let me know!