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Hello, 2017

Calla In Motion

Hello, 2017

Lindsey Calla

Oh, the New Year!  This week always feels this weird balance of slow but buzzy.  I finally got my computer back (yay!) and it feels like my year can finally begin.  So, what to expect on this platform this year?  A few things!

  • Yoga, yoga, more yoga!  I feel like I've finally reached a point in my yoga studies where I can really share that in a more impactful way for you.  This means yoga videos and guides that you can follow to help cultivate the foundation for your own practice
  • Bridal! Yup, I'm engaged and the plans are slowly starting to come together and looks like our wedding will be in 2017!  So there will be some fun things happening around wedding wellness.
  • More #wanderwell.  I have to be honest, I have a soft spot for this because it's such a passion of mine to explore new places and learn from other cultures.  I've been working on my photography and have fallen in love with taking pictures, especially of landscapes.  So I'm hoping this year shapes up to include more valuable content there but I would love to see how you think this can be applicable to your life.  I've been thinking about launching a platform to help organize better wellness hotels and vacations which could happen this year
  • More natural, organic beauty.  One of my other passions lately, has been studying plant science and how some of these old, ancient remedies can be applicable in our every day beauty routines. It's a great time to be an indie natural beauty brand and I think there's a lot of work to be done here!  When it comes to haircare, I'm still not fully converted because I can't find anything that remotely performs like scientific formulas but I think there's a balance to strike there. 
  • Fusing a better connection with nature together!  Building on the natural beauty train of thought, this year is all about prioritizing those primal instincts to be in tune with the natural rhythms of nature.  
  • A podcast?  This has been on my mind for about a year ever since I had this weird encounter with a man at the Dallas Airport who they sat me at the same table with at a Mexican Restaurant due to overcrowding.  Turns out he was a lifelong yogi, wellness career coach who told me I needed to do a podcast.  Well okay then, maybe I should listen!  It's something I've wanted to do for a while so perhaps 2017 is the year!

I would love to hear your thoughts on anything else you may want to see and hear your resolutions! Thanks for following on this journey!