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Calla In Motion

2018: Intentions & Reflections On A New Horizon

Lindsey Calla

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Reflection.  Intention.  Action.

3 small words.  One powerful meaning.  I made a lot of resolutions last year and had plans of creating things that I thought through but didn't follow through on, or became clouded enough to let comparison lead to paralysis.  The energy of 2017 was strange to me and I think to everyone.  There were a lot of ups and a few downs, naturally, and I look back at 2017 as a year of growth and learning.  So this year I intend to make intentions, think larger and be more of service to you.  

Create more with intention.  I tend to let my creativity drive my content but sometimes it's more lofty and spur of the moment than servicey, so I hope to find a balance.
Building on that I want to find a creative way to pass along to you the knowledge I've learned and find a way to truly help or inspire and help you achieve your goals.  With all eyes on Instagram in the past few years I think it's time to think outside the grid and put those efforts into some different platforms and ideas that prove really useful. Should be fun to create!
Complete more learning and training in yoga.  I dedicated myself to studying over a year of ashtanga but because it didn't offer a certificate I would like to complete a traditional yoga certification.  
Improve on my photography and expand in creating work that doesn't just live digitally.  I know, everyone is moving away from beautiful images and towards unpolished, raw content but I love creating photos!  I hope to experiment with printing my work and find/refine my voice.
Create something tangible.  A book, products, something I can hold in my hand and something perhaps you can log offline for just a brief moment to enjoy.  
Spend more time in nature
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Follow Ayurveda as guidance to keep healthy in 2018.  Give up cold drinks like soda in favor of warming teas to help digestion.  Create a routine of warm oils (especially this time of year!).  
Travel East
Take action on ideas.  I've wanted to create a podcast for two years! Act on ideas even if they fail. 
Develop fitness & creativity workshops and retreats at some of my favorite places I've been blessed to experience
Marry my love and continue wedding planning for our wedding in May :-)
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I hope by keeping some of these resolutions a bit general and open it will allow me to stay flexible in my creativity and not to get overwhelmed by setting too many goals and succumbing to pressure get it all done now.  Patience.  Breathe.   Stop looking around so much and start doing.  

Some inspiration for 2018 comes from a few of my favorite Sanskrit phrases that I've been working on understanding.  The three Gunas are present in all of us, just like we all share balances of Doshas in our Ayurveda constitution.  These three require specific balance and we hold the power to to control this in ourselves in order to find harmony.

Sattva- Equilibrium, harmony and balance.  Joy in helping others leads to fulfillment and purpose.  

Rajas- Energy, action, effort and thirst for desire.  Too much builds attachment and almost like running on a hamster wheel.  It can lead to great change but also build fast moving negative energy and ego.

Tamas- Inertia, ignorance, inaction.  Too much and we become fearful, sad, depressed or stuck.  Sometimes we find balance in staying still but careful not to become too lazy.

So in my plan of reflection, action and intention ties to these themes.  It's our nature to struggle with these three things.  We are all born with a mix of these qualities.  It's what we decided to do with them that helps bring clarity.  

So let's maybe consider intention over resolutions because the word resolution sometimes can mean solving a problem.  It tells us that our year is already plagued with issues.  Intentions can be healing.  It's a positive action.  I wish everyone balance and happiness in 2018 and beyond! 

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*Oh, these photos are from Highlands, NC where we went to a wedding this past weekend.  It was absolutely frigid.  On the last day we woke up to frost and ice fog on the trees.  I've never seen anything so strangely beautiful.  I was hoping to find some time to take some photos but I was uninspired by the bare, brown trees.  This morning was just perfect and when the light hit the ice falling from the trees in the sunrise they turned golden like specks of gold.  You can see this in the photo above.  Pure magic!