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Calla In Motion

4 Active Things to Do in Milos, Greece

Lindsey Calla

milosbluer (1 of 1).jpg

Ah, Greece.  I most definitely left my heart there and to be honest I have so much content from my few weeks there that I'm excited to share.  Lots of wedding content and travel tips galore.  It's hard not to feel inspired in Greece.  It's a blue zone.  It's overflowing with abundance.  It's full of gorgeous terrain to explore from mountain to sea.  I feel a very strong connection there in the deepest part of my heart.  It's been instagrammed to death but I only see that as an opportunity to not follow the herd and find the places a little more off the beaten path.  Find the places that bring peace and you will leave feeling the same way.  

Milos is a really interesting island.  It's just close enough to Santorini to begin to get an influx of tourists but the island is a bit more rugged.  It's volcanic and dusty with teeny tiny streets to meander in the hills.  There are so many different kinds of beaches with completely different characteristics.  Some have charming fishing villages, some have sand so hot you can cook a meal on it, and some wash up volcanic rocks in all different colors.  It's very otherworldly.  We had 2 days there barely and I left feeling pretty accomplished.

Hike the Ruins & Catacombs

blueruins (1 of 1).jpg

Let's not forget that the Venus de Milos was unearthed here! That is insane to think about.  If you start at the fishing village of Klima then the hike up is straight up and challenging.  But when you get to the top you hike over ruined columns with writing still on them and turn a corner to see this gorgeous amphitheater. Worth the effort! And also, who could resist running stairs on actual ancient marble stairs? Epic. 

*The catacombs are about 50 yards down the road from the amphitheater and worth a quick visit 

Meditate on Moon Rocks


Sarakiniko is probably the most famous imagery to come out of Milos.  It's worth a visit early or at sunset before/after the tour buses come in.  We were slightly off season so we parked ourselves by the water and sat all day with only a few other people, but in summer, that might not be so easy.  The terrain is moonlike and the water is Grecian blue perfection.  


Float in Firiplaka & Climb to Tsigrado


This beach is great because most of it is paved highway accessible.  There's only a short bit that's on dirt and more rugged.  If you want a true athletic challenge then try to get down to this beach below (Tsigrado) using some janky rope and a wobbly ladder.  


Firiplaka is a great place to kick back, enjoy a Greek salad beachside and catch some asanas on the sand at sunset.  The geology here is awesome and just being out in this nature with the energy of a looming volcano in the distance can bring anyone back into balance and harmony with the Earth.


Stay Local, Eat Fresh

miloshouses (1 of 1).jpg

If you want something unique then stay in an old fishing Syrma right along the shore.  These houses were used to shelter fishing boats from the seas in the winter time.  Some have been totally tricked out and renovated and you can find them on Airbnb, HomeAway etc.  We loved ours for the experience.  It's a little rugged but very charming.  The bonus is if you're lucky you can still watch fisherman bring in their catch, purchase right there and cook right on the ocean.  Talk about fresh and local! 

Good To Know

  • We hated driving here.  Our fisherman's house was tough to get to without a 4x4 vehicle.  Make sure to rent a 4x4 if you really want to explore the island off the main highways. 
  • Book the ferries and/or flights way in advance.  There are only a few ways on and off the island. 
  • Check out Skinopi Lodge if you're looking for a cool, luxury stay that's off the beaten path.