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Switching Gears

Calla In Motion

Switching Gears

Lindsey Calla

I was always one to fall into the myth that biking bulks legs up so I stayed away from trendy spinning classes.  Being a city dweller most of the past few years I also never wanted to deal with the hassle of New York City traffic and the obstacles that come with city biking.  It's not until recently, so recently that I'm talking almost a mere few weeks ago, that I completely changed gears on the topic (ha).  I was in Key West with my boyfriend who really wanted to bike the island and we easily did over 8 miles a day getting back and forth to the hotel and riding around to see the sites. My legs were burning and shaking and after a few days I noticed a tighter feeling right in the 'problem' area of my outer thigh, butt and hips.  That's usually the case with a new exercise, if you don't see results immediately then it's hard to stay motivated which is also a pitfall because it takes a bit more dedication than a few days or even weeks usually.  So consider me hooked and the moment I got back to New Orleans I borrowed my boyfriends bike to ride around locally.  I'm working on getting myself a bike so we can go out and ride on the weekends.  

It's a good reminder to always change things up with my muscles.  I've been doing the same routine of yoga and strength training that once I mixed it up I saw my body respond positively to a new activity.  Can't wait to do more, I'm really looking forward to it!  I also realized that a more high-rise legging works well for this because of the bending over and it keeps everything tight and secure. I like this bright blue sea colored EXPRESS set.  The compression fabric helps with recovery so that burning sensation I felt in the keys can be lessened because the tighter compression fabric helps increase blood flow to the muscle.  It's super hot now so a sport bra/high-rise legging situation is best and then I carry a tank in my backpack if I end up running errands.  Now I just need a bike of my own, maybe a basket, and I'll be set for the summer!

Bra & Capris: EXPRESS
Shoes: Under Armour
Bag: Stella McCartney x adidas