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A Skin Plantscription

Calla In Motion

A Skin Plantscription

Lindsey Calla


Some of my most favorite transformational experiences have come complements of nature.  It has shaped my life in ways that inspire me to want to pack my suitcase and camera and explore what our planet has to offer us.   It inspires me to travel across the world to meet with people who spend their lifetimes trying to carry on old knowledge of flowers, plants and ancient rituals. My favorite memories include walking through bamboo forests, high alpine medicinal flower meadows and soaking in jungle mud baths. I love sharing these moments when I get home. When the excitement of these experiences starts to settle, I look to incorporate what I’ve learned into my life.  It’s really the ingredients that inspire me because I’m still a student in understanding the relationship of how everything is interconnected.

This most easily translates into what I put into and onto my body & skin.  Nature has evolved to function at such a high performance, it only makes sense that it would perform so well in skincare.  Origins captures that essence perfectly with their Plantscription line and I was so excited to partner with them to bring to life their journey around the world gathering potent plant ingredients for their Plantscription Anti-Aging Power Serum. The biggest component to my skin care routine always includes serums.  They are concentrated, potent and are always the first layer to touch my skin. I’m really particular about this. My skin is post-30 and I found that it responds really well to natural ingredients and to layering products in a certain way. 


The Power of Ingredients



What’s cool is they found a rare African bark called Anogeissus that has always been used as a natural wound healer.  With a little science thrown in, they analyzed it to find that it also stimulates the production of a protein that is responsible for firmness in bounce. I learned how powerful bark can be when I was in the Belize rainforest and met with a jungle healer who used the bark of a vine to treat auto-immune diseases and learned about how two trees grow next to each other to heal: one brings boils and rashes to the touch but the second tree, the antidote, is always planted footsteps away. The remedy is from the bark. Pretty powerful! 

Bamboo & Hyaluronic Acid

There’s also bamboo and hyaluronic acid in the serum.  One of the biggest anti-agingingredients I look for is Hyaluronic Acid. It’s a game changer for aging skin. My skin is quite dry by nature so this helps replenish moisture and give sthat glow we all want. 

Nature & Skin

I had so much fun putting this shoot together because we just really wanted to boil everything down to nature and skin.  Having a good skincare routine is vital to me now and I really believe we can control the process and feel confident aging if we understand our personal body constitutions and how nature can assist in the process.  We should reach for our products the same way we reach for, say, ginger tea to aid digestion.  Nature is there to assist.  We can make good choices for ourselves if we understand what and why we are choosing certain ingredients over others to help get the strongest results we can.

Here’s to feeling confident in our skin and letting our healthiest selves radiate!