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Road Runner

Calla In Motion

Road Runner

Lindsey Calla

Running and I always had an interesting relationship.  I feel like the first 1/4 of my life all I did was run.  If I wasn't warming up for lacrosse or playing in games I was training to warm up for lacrosse and play in games.  From that early onset I realized the long distance running made me miserable but sprinting and intervals got my heart pumping and adrenaline going like nothing else.  That's the beauty of running; like yoga, it is whatever it means to you.  It takes so many forms and has constantly come in and out of my life when I need it.  Where yoga makes me take a mental note of where my body and mind is, running usually makes that endurance check.  

Both forms of exercise feed the mind but require completely different approaches to both function and style.  Urban running is incredibly exciting, especially when I just land in a new city and want to see the best of it quickly.  I either jump on a city bike or take a long interval run using the varied city obstacles as challenges to keep me interested in running.  I run up and down stairs, dodge cars, and always, always try to find water be around.  Being around water makes me calm and there's something about lapping of the water against the shore or the banks that puts me in a zone.  I'm super lucky this month to be creating content with the adidas by Stella McCartney line which means I get to road test everything in all of the different aspects of my workouts.  The natural, organic state that I find in yoga in a studio or at home is different than what pounding on the road asks for.  In yoga I want to melt into my surroundings and outside I want to stand out.  Reflective colors, even glow in the dark panels, are all built in features that feel modern and cool.  

I'm really mindful, and quite picky, with athletic wear.  I'm not an Olympic athlete but I still have muscle that I work for and need to tend to in movement.  I've become a person who cares less if skinny jeans don't fit my more muscular legs and cares more about if my activewear looks and performs amazing.  Every day is a new opportunity to be better and whatever helps me feel confident is what I pick out of my closet.  Heels hurt, the Ultra Boost sneakers offer energy and strength.  It's that simple for me now.  Plus, I was on a shoot with adidas recently where I realized I forgot socks and they enlightened me that the shoes are made to be so responsive and comfortable that socks aren't necessary.  I haven't ran with socks on since and it's sort of liberating!  I lose all of my socks anyway so that solves one of life's greatest frustrations.  I slip these on to walk to yoga, to run, to run errands.  There's a bounce and a release of energy that I really like from them and with running I need every ounce of energy to get through it. 

There's also a techfit fabric on this that focuses on muscle energy to maximize that explosive power that I love when running intervals.  I talk about this not because we partnered but because it really is important to think about when training.  It's like buying a bra because you like the way it looks and not considering support or getting a haircut and not taking into consideration lifestyle and how your hair reacts to the elements under stress (hello, humidity, talking to you here).

I talk a lot on instagram about finding your athlete.  Everyone has an athlete inside them.  It just takes commitment and being open to push your boundaries that helps find it.  I stepped onto the lacrosse field having never picked up the stick in my life and by season's end was traveling with the variety team (oh, high school days!) and now I never thought I could stick my handstand long enough but I'm oh-so close.  It's amazing what the body can do when you nurture it in the right ways and it all comes full-circle from mind, body, spirit, clothes, skin care, diet, etc.  Everything should work together to bring out that confidence.  There's no pressure to fit a certain running mold.  Run/walk, jogging, sprinting on the track, whatever it is just do what makes you feel inspired.  Every moment spent outside is a moment that changes mood and perspective.  Enjoy the weekend! I'll be in the Bahamas this week so follow along on social!    

Photos: Marianna Massey

adidas by Stella McCartney running and Ultra Boost shoe