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Aerial Yoga

Calla In Motion

Aerial Yoga

Lindsey Calla

On our way to the Exumas we got stuck in Nassau due to a giant Nor'Easter barreling through the islands.  I had us booked one night at the Island House because I love their yoga palapa studio and ended up having more time than I thought to play around.  They have anti-gravity silks there and given all the time I spend squished on a plane, I find hopping up on these bad boys the best way to alleviate tension.  Definitely put it on your list of sports to try for 2017! 

  •    There's an incredible lengthening you get when you hang supported from a silk.  Usually when my legs are firmly on my mat, my teacher has to push my body to get that extra length.  In the silks, gravity is that force that allows for more space.  My lower back is insanely tight from years of field hockey and when I hang upside-down in aerial yoga I feel space in places that haven't been able to open naturally.
  • It takes a ton of arm strength to climb up a silk.  Some poses, like the one below, requires pulling yourself upright to balance.  It can be a complete total body workout.
  • If you struggle with inversions on the mat, try it in a silk.  It takes pressure off the spine, the head and the neck, but still gives the benefits of recirculation.  Always make sure someone has clipped the silks safely and firmly before going upside-down

Hope this inspires you to give it a try and switch up your routine a bit!