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Yoga for the Mind

Calla In Motion

Yoga for the Mind

Lindsey Calla

Aura Soma captured my attention from the moment I spied a shelf of majestic colored bottles in the gift shop on a recent journey to Mii Amo spa in Sedona, Arizona.  It's hard not to be enchanted by these beautiful bottles.   Made up of essential oils on top and celestial flower water along the bottom, they are meant to harness the vibrational powers of color and light to help bring harmony to the mind and spirit.  While I was on my multi-day journey at Mii amo, I realized that I didn't have the treatment on my schedule so I dashed to the front desk, moved some things around and before I knew it I was standing in front of a wall with over 100 colored bottles.  Bhakta, a level 4 Aura-Soma practitioner, guided me in the process of choosing 4 bottles.  The color combinations and the order that I selected them would help reveal my true inner self.   It's an interesting theory when you think about how flowers and plants give off certain colors to show their function and purpose.  Could I also see & project my function and purpose through color? 

The 60 minute process was unlike my other treatments which all had a blend of physical and spiritual.  The Aura-Soma was unique in that it was mostly self-guided and an exercise in understanding and trusting my true inner being.  It felt like yoga for the mind.  It was a true exercise on looking within and building trust with myself.  The results were alarmingly accurate for me personally.  Bhakta explained that my bottles reflected creativity, having wisdom and a strong intuition, accepting love into my life (I did just get engaged!) and a final bottle that represents a search for peace and calm.  She read my life like I had it written on my forehead.  Of course I asked Bhakta, but what if I chose different bottles!?  She told me that she has never seen anyone choose wrong.  Just like Ayurvedic medicine, for example, everyone has a different and unique personal make up.  There's a symbiotic relationship between every living thing and color.  Here are some of the lessons I learned from my experience with Aura-Soma at Mii Amo: 

Shutting Off the Mind

It's almost a practice of mediation.  If I could shut off my mind and just be present in the moment then the next bottle to choose would almost, in a way, choose me.  Bhakta said one bottle should leap out and stand out from the others without even a thought.  Everything has a vibrational energy but sometimes it takes a calm mind to see through the clutter.

Trusting That Gut Intuition

I wanted my mind to overpower my instincts so badly.  I thought I would be able to outsmart myself and solve the puzzle.  Just this exercise alone helped me realize that letting instincts step in can be an extremely powerful life tool.  There's always that voice inside our gut telling us to go one way over the other.  The bottles that I hesitated on ended up being so accurate and committing to that decision was like getting approval that my instincts are true and real. 

Let Imagination Come to Life

Color is an amazingly beautiful thing.  Sunsets, tranquil blue water, and the first flowers of the spring season all have attachments to emotion.  Exploring color meanings alone are easy but seeing them as a tandem, or an equilibrium, gives a more complex understanding of how they can affect the mind and the senses.  I took two of the bottles home and when I need inspiration I gaze at them and am reminded of the positive qualities in myself that they bring out.  It's all about having happy triggers and gentle reminders to help stay in balance.