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Pursuit of Endless Summer

Calla In Motion

Pursuit of Endless Summer

Lindsey Calla

I get a little bit of summer separation anxiety after labor day.  There's always this deflated feeling seeing everyone move on so quickly.  My post labor day attitude has changed a lot recently since I relocated to a much warmer climate and switched my focus a bit.  It's no longer about running around crazy during fashion week, which I'm pretty excited about to be honest, and it's more about seeing labor day weekend as a great way to reevaluate my goals for the rest of the year.  It's less about summer being over and more about having it be a great marker to sit and reflect.  I think that helps a lot mentally so it feels like going back to work or school is less of a drag.  I'll try as hard as possible to always keep a sunny disposition and take advantage of every beach opportunity I can but there are also some more winter adventures planned for this fall/winter that I'm excited to share with everyone.  

It's funny, when I started to view time and goals and life in less of a rush and with a whole lot less pressure, great things started to fall into place.  I put a ton of pressure deciding if I should be in New York this week and do the things people do there this week and it made me super anxious.  I decided to make my visit back up north (I've been at the jersey shore for the weekend) really productive and spend time at a few places in New York that bring a sense of peace and calm to my life.  I'm excited to share that as well!  You'll never believe what exists in that city when you want to seek the calm rather than the frantic.  It's amazing!  Enjoy these first few days back from the holiday and remember to take a moment to reflect on the positive.  

Photos with Marianna Massey