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Balance and Recovery Tips

Calla In Motion

Balance and Recovery Tips

Lindsey Calla


We all try to balance a million things in one day.  We are so focused on this constant stimulation of what’s happening around us that when we go to check in internally it feels like every subtle movement is like a tidal wave.   Replenishing is key to restoring balance in the mind and body.   We need to replenish our thoughts and our body carefully after putting through strain.  An important thing to remember is that the body is conditioned so well to respond to delicate balances in order to replenish. 

The headstand for example is such an amazing example of this.  When you really study the movement it’s about tiny micro-adjustments that help find that plum line and then in Ashtanga, when we lower halfway and return back up, there’s a subtle hinging in the hips.  You can actually see it here in this multiple exposure photo.  Pretty cool!  Not only does balance occur here but the byproduct of being in headstand is redistributing circulation around the body so it’s, yup, in balance!  The body loves to replenish.   Here are some ways to get the mind and body right post workout or high-intensity situation:


All About That Shake: I carry the CorePower protein shakes with me all the time when I go to workout.  From being an athlete, the idea of recovery is wired in my brain.  Building and maintaining muscle is all about building it back up after breaking it apart.  There’s a delicate balance of protein to carbs that’s ideal for post-workout nutrition and their protein shakes are designed with that perfect balance in mind.   

No Supplements:  I don't mess with supplements.  I like to eat for nutrition and have my food choices help replenish nutrients.  The Core Power Shakes have 9 amino acids, essential nutrients and no fillers or added supplements. 


Ice & Stim:  This is a classic recovery technique that athletes use and it feels particularly perfect to mention this because I've just had 2 rounds of it just last week!  I’ve had issues with my neck from shoulder stands so I’m icing and receiving electrical stimulation.  Icing of course can be done at home with a boo-boo bunny from the freezer but leave the stim to a professional. 

Aromatherapy & Using Ayurveda:   love using certain sensory smells to alleviate mental stress.  I recommend looking into Ayurvedic oils that help balance your dosha or constitution.  Because I’m very Vata dominant the fragrance that balances me is slightly sweet and warming.  However, if I feel extra inflamed, I’ll try to balance Pitta with something cooling like Sandalwood.   If I feel awful and sluggish after working out, I’ll stimulate my Kapha with something like Eucalyptus to wake me up and clear me out. 

Recovery poses:  I briefly mentioned this above but replenishing balance can also be done with really easy, gentle yoga poses.  Something as simple as laying on the back and putting legs up the wall can help ward off sore muscles.  Also fish pose can help alleviate pain in the neck or just a few easy supine spinal twists on the floor are also super restorative.   


So there’s definitely a delicate balance to balance!  Break down, repair.  On days, rest days.  Yoga pose, counter pose.  Sleep, wake.  Chocolate, vanilla. :-)

Have a great week!

Photos with Marianna Massey