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Beach Air Salty Hair

Lindsey Calla

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Suit: Seea

Happy Friday!  Let's talk beach hair!  My hair has multiple personalities depending on the season.  My natural texture is a weird mix of straight and curly, but not quite a defined wave.  In the winter, it's straight, lacks natural volume but tends to have more shine, and during the summer, it soaks up the humidity and the curl has its big moment in the sun.  I happen to prefer the tousled, curly unkempt look because it actually takes way less time to manage.  Texture can be a GOOD thing so don't be afraid embrace what you got!

Everyone talks about sea salt sprays and my experience with them has left me with mixed reviews.  They can be super drying so here's what to look for:

-- Look for a spray that infused with moisturizing ingredients.Lavett & Chin has a great spray that has rose water and algae to help keep hair soft and supple rather than dry and crispy.  Philip Balso has one that has aloe and smells DELICIOUS.  

-- Make sure to deep condition.  I've been getting my haircut at the John Barrett salon for years and I always left with the softest, bounciest hair ever.  The secret was Shu Uemura conditioning treatments so I promptly invested in their Moisture Velvettreatment and the jar has lasted me forever and left my hair insanely soft with each use.  A little bit goes a long way so concentrate it on the ends and only use once or twice a week.  Hello Hair has a great natural mask as well if you're looking for something more organic.  

--Finish off a sea spray with oils.  Embracing oil on both my face and hair has been the best decision of my beauty life.  If my hair feels too dry from the ocean or the excess heat in the summer, I always put a light amount of oil on the ends.  It sounds counterproductive, but it nourishes and adds gloss and shine, all while being light enough to not ruin texture.  

Would love to hear any products that you've found that work, especially more organic ones as I'm trying to be a little more conscious of what I'm putting onto my skin, hair and body.  Have a great, healthy weekend!

xo, SG