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Yoga For Tone

Calla In Motion

Yoga For Tone

Lindsey Calla

The high lunge (crescent pose) is one of my favorite yoga poses because of the active engagement of the legs and core.  Keeping the back leg strong while holding the lunge, especially while in the sand, really activates the muscles and gives a strong, stable foundation.  Usually this pose is included in a flow that leads to warrior ii, side angle, etc but taking an extra few moments to add in an extra element can add more toning to the yoga stretch & flow.  I like to use my legs and core to bring my body up, legs straight, and then lower back down to the high lunge.  It turns a static pose into a full body workout, working calves to core.  It's incredibly simple but try it in a sequence and reap the benefits of increased energy, toned body and increased flexibility! 

BraShorts: EXPRESS core