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Beat the Heat

Calla In Motion

Beat the Heat

Lindsey Calla

Checking in from Charleston, South Carolina!  The summer has been a slow southern one.  I'm still getting used to the mentality that the wet heat brings down here.  It's been a challenge to keep up my energy and stay motivated.  In New Orleans my workouts have been happening more inside but if I'm visiting family in Charleston then I take every opportunity to use the beach breeze and take it back outside.  The hot weather also means that I've been opting to live in things that I can sweat in or that can go easily from the water to a workout to the store.  You may remember these shoes from this post and they've been my go-to shoes for pretty much every element and situation.  They can get wet.  They are easy to take on and off.  They are comfy for long walks.  Pretty much ticks every box, IMO!  

I just picked up these workout shorts when I was in NYC and I've been dressing them up and down so easily.  Paired with the x-bra, these pieces have an awesome fashion element to them but are still functional for being active.  

Also!  I'm nominated for the second time for a Bloglovin award for Best Fitness Blog!  I would so appreciate any support by voting for my blog here.  Thank you so, so much for your support always and I'm excited for what this year will bring!  I'm looking to evolve this site to provide even more usable tips and programs that transcend just visual inspiration.