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Braids & Shine that Raise the Barre

Calla In Motion

Braids & Shine that Raise the Barre

Lindsey Calla

One of my favorite ways to deal with the ridiculous amount of hair on my head, especially in the summer, is an easy pony.  It's probably how I wear my hair 70 percent of the time lately.  Kris Koskella did this one for me when we were out scouting in the desert.  It's just three rows of braids with simple beach waves and a piece of hair wrapped around the elastic. Great for an active lifestyle outside the elements because it tames frizz and keeps it secure.  She also turned me on to a new cheek highlighter that is MAGIC.  It's natural and vegan-friendly with pure pigment and zero fillers.  It's called Chaos and it gave the most amazing shimmer I've ever had on my face.  I've switched over my skincare products to natural and organic but haven't really found any makeup and hair products yet that I'm really loving.  I'm going to do a whole post about the new skincare products I've found that actually work and use a ton of botanical ingredients.  Can't wait to share!