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Winter Survival Guide

Calla In Motion

Winter Survival Guide

Lindsey Calla

One thing I can say confidently is that I am not a winter person.  My skin gets ultra-dry, energy is low and all of the good work I did to be happy in healthy in the summer feels like it's slipping away.  Here are a few things I focus on to get me through the blah months.


Hydration is so important especially in the winter.  My skin is naturally on the dry side so I've been trying to take in as much fluid as possible and started incorporating coconut water in addition to regular bottled or tap water.  I love it because I'm that person that doesn't really enjoy drinking water and prefer to have some kind of flavor and I also love that it's an all natural option free from preservatives (especially when it comes straight out of the coconut like this in Tulum!).  If I'm looking for something a little more spiced up, I go for TumericAlive juices for a boost of energy.  Turmeric is one of the most powerful ingredients and this brand in particular even sells it as a sports recovery drink or "yoga in a bottle".  I've tested it out and noticed a quicker recovery time when I feel sickness coming on and if I need a boost of energy to get to the gym or class.  I keep a few bottles on hand just in case at all times.

Inversion Work

I did my first Ashtanga class last year during the winter on a really cold, gross day.  There were only 4 people in the class, me being the least flexible by far.  One woman was about 70-something with beautiful long silver hair who looked about 40.  Her skin was beautiful, hair looked luscious and she just radiated beautiful energy.  After class she asked me if that was my first class... must have been pretty obvious!..and she told me the second she started practicing 19 years ago it hit the pause button on her aging.  I've read a lot about the benefits of yoga, especially inversions, that really work to push the clock back from reversing grey hair to warding off disease.  This photoshoot was the first time I really held and hit this pose. Progress not perfection!

Infuse Some Color

I'm a neutrals person and love that soft tonal look most of the time from interiors to my closet.  As serene as they can be, I sometimes need a boost of energy from color.  This Express bra had a pretty kaleidoscope of jewel tones that worked so well with this gorgeous background that pushed color all through the glass and onto the floor.  It never hurts to treat myself to something new to wear to workout to get me extra motivated.  The pants are also higher waisted and long to the ankle which works well in the winter months going to and from the studio/gym.

Hope this helps inspire you to get through the winter months and stay positive!