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Calla In Motion

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Strong & Healthy Hair

Lindsey Calla

Hydration is Key

Strength doesn't just show in muscle definition or how long I can hold a difficult yoga posture.  How strong I am on the inside, and the routines that I set for myself daily, can really show through in my hair, skin and nails.  This year I partnered with Clear Haircare to get the message across to start strong and stay strong.  You may have seen the beautiful ads in a few Conde Nast magazines and I was really so excited for this because it captured a really well-rounded look at my life.  We did a great behind-the-scenes interview and video to give a glimpse at what really happens at a big magazine shoot.  It also gives a good idea about how much drama my hair goes through with my crazy on-the-go lifestyle that I set for myself!  Planes, climate changes, seasonal shifts and heat always take such a toll on my hair.  I have different hair personalities depending on where I am and the season.  In the summer it's curly and bohemian and feels much thicker and in the winter it's like pulling teeth to get it to hold volume.  I've learned to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate inside and out to get the strongest, healthiest look all around.  Hope you enjoy the video and the ads!  Thanks always for the support! 

Safe Skincare

Lindsey Calla

Liquid Gold and The Balm

The start of fall always feels like the beginning of a new year.  Everything feels new again and I always find this rush of energy to get back into good habits or finish projects before the last quarter of the year.  My skin always takes a beating in the summer so I always try to up my skin care routine by getting a fruit peel or introduce more products that will help my skin transition into winter.  My sister-in-law is an expert in everything non-toxic from food to beauty and has been helping me discover new ways to eliminate toxins from my life.  I’ve said before that I’m definitely working on it but it hasn’t been a full switch yet but she recently turned me on to the brand Beautycounter.  I had heard a buzz about it everywhere from Instagram to The Chalkboard mag (great site for cool health insight) so I was excited that I would be able to get a personal recommendation to back all of the buzz up.  It’s a brand that strives to be as clean, pure and natural as possible but still has that sleek, cool packaging that is sometimes missing with more natural product lines.  I’m already a huge fan of face oils because my skin is SO dry so I gravitated towards the number 3 mix of essential oils.  I’ve been reading a lot about layering beauty products and my facialist recently told me you should put products on in order of molecular structure.  Just something to keep in mind when adding it to your regimen.

I have a bunch of friends that slather coconut oil on their face to get hydration but the cleansing balm is a more beauty friendly alternative. I absolutely never put soap on my face mostly because it dries me out so this is a great alternative for me to be able to get rid of the crap on my face but still stay hydrated (body is different, I still love my Target brands from time to time..guilty!).  It has a coconut-oil-like texture and it literally melts onto your face and then you paw it off with warm water and a gentle towel.  You can also sleep with it overnight like a mask.  It literally adds this dewy feeling to my face when I first put it on and I can feel my skin getting quenched.  I would love to hear if you’ve tried this brand and how it’s worked for your skin.  If you’re interested in trying out anything and ordering feel free to contact Paige here!  She is super knowledgeable about all of this and can help you figure out what products to add to your counter.