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Calla In Motion

Celebrating the Outdoors & Saluting the Sun with Kohl's

Lindsey Calla


Last week was full of incredibly warm light filled energy.  The summer solstice and International Yoga Day are always great reminders to look inside while getting outside.  To celebrate this, I was invited to lead a workout and carry that messaging with a group of inspiring women alongside Kohl's at their New York showroom. I was magic!

We gathered together in their gorgeous offices in Midtown to move through a hiit inspired yoga sequence that I put together for a group of editors and influencers.  Afterwards we moved outside for a series of breathing and meditation to take in all of that ample light that June has to offer.   It’s so inspiring to be able to connect with people in a leadership position, where I can share some of the knowledge that I’ve picked up in my studies but also learn from all of these amazing fitness writers and creators.  One of my favorite moments was working through some pranayama on the outside deck.  It was just one of those gorgeous NYC summer days.

When I was thinking about what type of workout to put together I really wanted to focus on two things:  1) It could be done outside 2) No equipment necessary.  Kohl's has a huge focus this summer on getting outside to workout and they offer an accessible array of options to help support that from footwear, activewear, wearable tech and other wellness accessories.  It really is the perfect reason to gather together and do something healthy for yourself and others.  I am loving this sports bra & these leggings, both from Under Armour at Kohl's. Both are comfortable and easy to move around in, perfect for a hiit workout or a yoga flow.

One of the most exciting things being able to connect with these women and give them some little fitness or wellness nuggets that they can fit into their day.  Our flow workout was only 30 minutes long yet it was a perfect amount of time to bring energy up for a packed NYC day ahead.   I wanted to share my Spotify playlist so you can take this 30 minute song list and get outside however you feel inspired.  Maybe it’s your own yoga flow on a nearby beach or perhaps it’s taking a jog around a park.  Wherever you find yourself this summer make sure to take this opportunity to get outside and make the most of healthy season, and be sure to check out Kohl's for all your wellness needs. 

Happy summer!