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Healthy City Guide: NOLA

Calla In Motion

Healthy City Guide: NOLA

Lindsey Calla

When I'm not traveling for projects I'm usually spending time in New Orleans, a city that has always had a sort of magic that captured my heart from day one.  We just finished Mardi Gras, a gluttonous few weeks where cake is king and heavy creole food is plentiful.  One thing I realized early on is that it's impossible to sustain a healthy lifestyle here if I continuously eat all of the delicious comfort food.  So, I've made it a priority to establish healthy habits here and seek out the best wellness that this city has to offer.  What I've found:

City Park

 You can see from the initial pictures above that City Park offers a gorgeous amount of spanish moss.  They've even gone as far as putting some hanging art and lanterns in the Oak trees and strolling through them is magic!  There are also gorgeous rock bridges over ponds with cranes and swans floating about.  It's worth a stroll and you can easily get lost finding little nooks filled with sculptures and gardens.  

Reyn Studios

I practice yoga at Reyn Studios a few times a week.  It's a power yoga in a semi-hot and humid room that is a converted warehouse space.  The lines are clean and it feels airy and lofty and it's a space that I just want to be in all of the time.  I find so much clarity there in the way the light filters in and makes a grid along the floor and it's a very comfortable, inviting space.  The teachers are fantastic and I've gained strength while also benefiting from smaller class sizes so I get more attention on nailing my poses.  There's a drop-in rate so feel free to come here if you find yourself in town.  725 Magazine Street

The Pressery Nola

 Ok, I'm pretty excited about this.  I have my favorite juice bars/healthy food places in NYC (The Butcher's Daughter being my number one) and I was so happy when this very clean, zen cold-pressed organic juice bar opened on Magazine Street.  The owner, Km, is so sweet and she gave me a rundown of why she doesn't include much fruit in the juices (too much sugar defeats the purpose of juicing) and created a gorgeous space that she actually is going to have restorative yoga in starting February 23rd.  I'm a HUGE fan of the almond milk that is sweetened with dates, cacao and cinnamon. I also love the artichoke flavored water and the immunity juice.  3005 Magazine Street


A garden based, organic restaurant that focuses on nourishment.  It's mostly vegan (think cashew cheese and tofu as a sub) and has a beautiful, modern clean space with a menu that hasn't forgotten its Nola roots.  1330 Prytania Street


Photos of me: Marianna Massey