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Calla In Motion

Double Does It

Lindsey Calla

The best results come from not letting your muscles be complacent.  The same routine day after day wears on the mind and the body and results can plateau.  That's what I've found in my fitness journey so it's all about mixing it up and doubling up on two types of cardio/strength at once.  I think I've talked a little about how I've been doing spinning plus yoga and how I'm able to reap the benefits of both styles.  One lengthens and stretches, the other burns calories and builds leg muscle in a totally different way.  It's just getting cool enough here in New Orleans to bike outside again and on days when I want to take it all outside I throw in jump roping to the mix.  Jumping rope is one of the most effective exercises for me and also one of the most therapeutic.  

It's also been fun to take the seamless tights out of the studio and into other exercises.  The breathability and the fact that they mold to my body is a huge plus that earns style and function points.  The adidas by Stella McCartney range is incredibly vibrant in color and dynamic in style and everything is interchangeable and complimentary.  Both the hoodie and the tights have the same Climalite technology so they work together towards the same end goal.  For me, it's about being so constantly active that everything in my closet can work for anything I do, leaving me with a ton of less choices at the end of the day.  

I usually jump for 40 minutes and the key to keeping the endurance and attention span long enough is not worrying about if you can't continuously jump.  I take an interval approach to it and set a good playlist and try to jump through a song that has a good beat and then break and constantly repeat until the 40 minutes are over.  You'll be surprised how much easier it gets and how in the zone jumping rope can be once you do it often.  This one is weighted, also, which really strengthens my arms.  

It's the end of the summer so make it a priority to double up your activities to make the most out it.  Spin + yoga, bike + jumping, running + swimming, doesn't matter what it is but the more the muscles are challenged the better the results will be! 

Photos with Marianna Massey