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Calla In Motion

El Matador

Lindsey Calla

Swim: Acacia, Shorts: Eberjey, Sandals: TJ Maxx, Bag: Palethorp

Happy Tuesday!  Finding a beach that is in a raw, untouched state is almost impossible these days, but it's probably one of life's greatest luxuries.  The first time I came across one was in Australia and I just sat there staring at the sea and reveled in the serenity.  When researching hidden beaches near Malibu over the weekend, I discovered a place called El Matador.  I stumbled onto this magical place after some careful driving through what looked like dusty mountains and fancy colonies taking up every single drop of beach space.  To get onto the beach takes some courage trying to navigate a makeshift walkway down the cliff, but the view on the way is incredible.  These majestic rock formations come out of the sea and offer little coves to explore while you delight in the idea that maybe this beach has looked this way for thousands (maybe millions) of years.

I also discovered this swim brand and I love the intricate webbing along the top and the pretty fig color that seemed appropriate for a beach moment during the winter months.  I could live in these clothes everyday with salty, curly hair and pure ocean air.

Have a good week! More soon!

xo, SG