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Digital Detox

Calla In Motion

Digital Detox

Lindsey Calla

It gets harder and harder to find places where you can truly disconnect.  For me it's almost impossible since I find the need and passion in documenting things and places to share with you all but that doesn't mean that I don't crave complete disconnection.  I hope for a time when I can wake up and just enjoy something with my eyes and take snapshots only in my head.  I had a bit of a taste of that this weekend in Canada.  After hiking 7km up a giant mountain and realizing I still had cell service, I craved to venture out even further.  This led me to Emerald Lake, a gorgeous spring fed lake that has gem colored water and the most idyllic mountain lodge setting.  The most inviting thing about the Emerald Lake lodge (other than the obvious natural beauty) is its commitment to disconnection from the world.  There's no cell service and zero wifi in the cabins.   The only place you can access wifi is in the lodge reception.  Bliss.  It's a bit more of a trek from the Banff area, actually crossing over into British Columbia, but that's what makes it so unique and the perfect spot to reconnect with nature and disconnect from the world.  

We were exhausted from hiking all weekend and the sight of a cozy cabin overlooking this emerald water with a stack of wood ready for us in the fireplace was heaven.  The restaurant at the lodge also overlooks the lake and it was one of the best meals I've ever had, hands down.  The lodge has its own farm outside of calgary where they raise bison and elk hormone and anti-biotic free and the menu reflects some of the farm fresh seasonal ingredients the area has to offer.  We retired back to the room early to sit and read by the fire with a bottle of wine.  I caught myself reaching for my phone on several occasions and then feeling happy and content that I actually couldn't check anything.  No apps, no social media platforms, no emails.  It was just being content in the moment.  Simplicity, in itself, is a luxury.  

If you're in the area, do keep in mind that the lodge does have some closures for the winter.  I recommend going in August or September to take full advantage of the lake activities and maybe even the foliage, as I mentioned in the last post as well.  You can book here if interested!  Also, don't miss the Natural Bridge and Kicking Horse river stop off on the way.  It's a natural waterfall that has cut through the rock and it's incredible to watch!

I can't say enough about how beautiful the Banff/Yoho National Park areas are.  Some places don't live up to what you see on Pinterest or Instagram but everything in this area far surpasses anything you can ever put out there on the webs.  There's a commitment to the nature and animals first and it begs us to not forget what truly brings positive health and wellness to our lives.  

Wearing: Eddie Bauer (For clothing links check out the last post)