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Energizing Forward

Calla In Motion

Energizing Forward

Lindsey Calla

Why I Love Losing An Hour of Sleep


I woke up yesterday beyond excited that we turned the clocks forward.  Maybe my optimism was partly caused by the sunny, mid-60 degree weather in New Orleans but I always seem to find a renewed sense of energy in springing forward.  I was actually surprised to find that most people were expressing rage against losing an hour of sleep but I would much rather sacrifice an hour to know that the long days of summer are so close now.  I live for those days.  It's when I feel the most energized, the happiest and can be so much more productive knowing I have an extra few hours of sunlight at the end of the day.  It's those final few hours that I usually manage to get outside to exercise and then find a gorgeous sunset or drinks with friends outside with stringing lights listening to music.  

Spring is a great time to reevaluate the year's goals and think about how to use the extra few hours for professional gain or just personal happiness enhancement.  Here are a few ways to help with the adjustment in time and seasons. 

  • Take a look at your workout routine and make modifications to account for the switch. Does your favorite workout class offer classes outdoors in the evening? Can you save money on a gym membership in general this time of year and force yourself to use what mother nature has to offer in your area?
  • Rethink your skincare routine.  Use the spring as a clean slate and forget any bad habits your picked up in the winter.  Find an organic sunscreen and remember to layer it last in your skin care routine.  I also start to get away from the really heavy-duty products and reintroduce lighter serums and oils.  I really love Eminence Organics Citrus & Kale serum because it feels moisturizing but it's also very light. 
  • Make adjustments in your meals.  In the spring/summer I tend to eat more often and later into the evening because the nights are longer.  I try to always have healthy snacks on-hand and start with a big breakfast and end with a smaller dinner since I eat later.  I've also been letting the local farms help dictate what I should be adding to my meals.  

I've also been working on organizing some travel and will be heading on a 9 day tour of Japan in a few weeks as well as speaking at an event that my alma mater, Lafayette College, is throwing for a local NYC alumni about inner and outer beauty confidence.  Be sure to follow on instagram (@lindseycalla) for updates in real time!

Photos: Marianna Massey