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Essentials & Reminders

Calla In Motion

Essentials & Reminders

Lindsey Calla

The Reminder:

I really love a class atmosphere, especially in this space with the open windows and gorgeous warehouse feel.  There are times though that just being alone and playing with poses really feels right that day and helps me learn from the flexibility of leading myself.  I cherish these moments of alone time.  When I'm practicing whether in a class or on my own it's always important to me to have some items to help assist and get through the practice.  Every day I set out to exercise, especially with yoga, my body can feel completely different.  One teacher told me it's the difference between the feeling of having a burrito in your belly or a kale salad.  Some days I can be light as air and some days my body feels heavy and completely out of alignment.  This was one of those days that I felt like I could barely touch my toes and keep balance so I kept the block and strap handy as an aid.  One of the reasons I felt so out of balance, I think, is because I did 3 sessions of hot power yoga and didn't even come close to properly rehydrating after.  I learned my lesson when I woke up feeling exhausted, sullen in my face and just out of whack. So I filled my water bottle up with water and some extra fruit infusion to keep my blood sugar stable and my hydration in check.  I'm terrible at drinking water so I have to force myself to carry something around.

It's all a daily reminder that each day is different and to always take a moment to zone in on what's feeling out of alignment and trying to breathe comfort back into it.  It's why I love yoga because perfection goes out the window.  Getting upside-down, stretching and even putting on something bright like a vibrant purple can change my whole mindset.

The Essentials:  

Carrie Underwood just launched a sport collection with DICK’S Sporting Goods that has a huge variety of workout essentials in addition to the clothing.  It’s pretty unique and also incredibly affordable. The block, strap, fruit infusion water bottle, bra, capri pants and headband are all from the CALIA by Carrie Underwood collection.  I figured if I worked out with her essentials that maybe one day I’ll have her insanely toned legs (seriously, check out the video for proof).  I like to have everything at home so there’s no excuse not to practice.  I use the blocks to help with flexibility and have no shame in not being born a contortionist.  It’s a work in progress and incredibly important not to overreach so these accessories help keep me on track.  Try the water bottle with cucumber and lemon if you’re working out in the morning to cleanse the system.  It’s pretty amazing!

What are your yoga essentials?

 Photos: Marianna Massey @ Reyn Studios

Many thanks to DICK’s Sporting Goods and CALIA for the sponsorship!