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Calla In Motion

The Power of Intervals & Inclines

Lindsey Calla

Hello, summer!  I always feel more motivated to workout in the summer.  Maybe it's the daily reminder that a bikini can happen at any moment or maybe it's that I need to exercise for extra energy to combat the fatigue-inducing killer heat.  When it comes to cardio I love to switch it up. Cycling, power walking, sprinting and HIIT are all great options and nothing makes me happier than doing it all outside and working with the natural landscape.  Using intervals and inclines helps get through cardio faster and keeps the body challenged.  If you can get outside somewhere with a varied landscape and some hills, that's fantastic.  If it's pretty flat around you then the treadmill works just as well.  Here's an example treadmill incline workout that I love.

Warm up Walk  // 5% incline // 4:00
Light Jog (5mph)//  4% // 2:00
Sprint (7mph) // 2% // :30
Walk (3mph) // 5%// 2:00
Jog (5mph) // 4% // 2:00
Sprint (7mph)// 2%// :60
Walk (3mph) // 7%// 2:00
Jog (5mph) // 3-4% // 2:00
Sprint (7mph) // 2%// :60
Walk (3mph) // 7%// 3:00
Jog (5mph)// 3-4% // 3:00
Sprint (7mph +) // 2% // :60
Walk cool down (3-4mph) // 1.5%// 2:00
Walk (2-3mph) // 0%// 2:00

Nothing shapes the legs like mixing varying levels of incline.  I've really been fond of cycling recently because we do a ton of hills mixed with standing and sitting on the bike.  If you're looking for something to shake up a regular cardio routine this is definitely it! 

Photo: Marianna Massey on Mars, j/k it's Joshua Tree but it looks almost martian... or Pluto if I'm cool and in the moment.