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Calla In Motion

The Road to 2015 Transformation

Lindsey Calla

The Time is Now

I can't believe we are into 2015 already!  I feel refreshed and ready to take on the year with excitement and extra motivation.  I always like the idea of vision boards or just envisioning where you want to get to in the near or distant future.  One of the things I want to spend more time doing is working on bigger projects that take longer to execute and maybe feel a bit different to something I've done before.  One thing that I found I do often is start something and be really excited about it because it makes me happy but then I get caught in a vortex of the internet or social media and all of the sudden I feel terrible.  Judging by the countless articles about the adverse effects of being so plugged in to each other, I will spare you that lecture.  I always find that the first thing that counteracts that feeling is just to do something.  Anything.  A walk around the block.  Knocking one thing off of a different to-do list.  Changing perspective is the ultimate motivator.  

I shot this series with my photographer, Marianna, and I wanted to just capture a feeling of lightness and inspiration.  This building (in New Orleans) really inspires me because it's completely white on white on white with some texture.  Ah, the clarity.  It's turning into a marketplace with yummy food vendors eventually but for now it's the most gorgeous place to run up and down the aisles and just take in the peacefulness of the space.  If only I could exercise that restraint in my apartment to keep it so minimal but I have way too much stuff for that.  Something I'm trying to work on this year!  It's a building that was shuttered after Katrina and it's a great example of a comeback.  This whole city is that way which is part of the reason why I call it home part of the time.  To quote a very famous movie, 

Ruin is a gift. Ruin is the road to transformation.