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Lazy Day Workouts

Calla In Motion

Lazy Day Workouts

Lindsey Calla

One of the things that inspires me to get up and workout is finding a place that inspires me.  I have my places that I love to go to just because it makes me feel better mentally and I set a block of time out to just be there.  I have plenty of days when the last thing I want to do is get up and go workout but that's mostly because I set my expectations way too high.  It doesn't have to be a bone-breaking, sweat-drenched tiring workout to see health benefits.  On these days I usually lace up my sneakers and just head out the door to a place I love to be, whether that's the yoga studio or somewhere beautiful outdoors.  From there I usually start with stretching and I have an arsenal of workout moves that don't require gym equipment that I can pepper in with some cardio.  This is in City Park in New Orleans so there's a lot of green space and walking trails and I ended up finding the most inspiration in the way the shadows fell on the ground.  It was almost like someone laid down a grid to jump between and I took full advantage.  

Set your intention for what you want to get out of your workout that day and release the pressure of feeling like it's worthless if you fall off track or put less into it than usual.  The hardest part is getting up and out the door.

Here's what I did this day:

2 mile brisk walk
High-knees jumping through shadows up and down the length of the building x 4
25 Jumping Jacks x 2
A series of yoga stretching 

That simple amount of exercise put me on a good path for the day and I found benefit in getting moving.  It's tough this time of year!  Stay strong!

Top & Pants: Olympia Activewear, Shoes: Nike (Love these!)