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In Search of A Blue Mind

Calla In Motion

In Search of A Blue Mind

Lindsey Calla

There's a health buzz term I stumbled on recently called A Blue Mind.  It's a state of peace and tranquility of the mind, almost a meditative state, that occurs when you're satisfied and in the moment, usually around water.  It draws a strong connection to water and the level of peace associated with it.  It's something I've found to be true; I'm a better human when I'm around water.  I just had this conversation the other day with my mom about how trapped I can feel when I don't have the vastness of the sea and sky to spark my creativity and bring me peace of mind.  Does the water actually have the ability to alter my psyche?  It's something I try really hard not to whine about, when I'm not by the beach, as it sounds incredibly unappreciative of what I actually have around me most days.  Our apartment is situated right on the tree line of a beautiful historic park that people travel miles to come see but somehow I feel more calm walking along the river than I do sitting cozy in my bed.  There are so many distractions and so many things whizzing about in front of me that when I stare at the ocean, everything simplifies.  The waves never overcomplicate their rhythm and the horizon doesn't dance around and move wildly like an ad at the top of a website that pops in your face (I can never find the dang X button!).  It's the feeling I get knowing that there is something way bigger than myself, that I could never try to fully understand no matter how long I study it.  Despite my love for the water there's also fear.  I have the same feelings about yoga, and interestingly enough, beach yoga poses are the highest performing and most engaged posts on instagram for me.  Much more so than mountains or anything extremely green.  Blue, you see, has a calming effect even through a device.  

Check out a Water Lounge-  There's an awesome one at Great Jones Spa in NYC.  There's a three-story waterfall, a steam room that uses Chakra light and plunge pools.  You can buy just a water lounge pass without committing to a spa service for $55.

Yoga with a View-  There's a yoga studio in Melbourne from the people who run Active Escapes.  They've put a view of the Maldives at the front of the studio that gives the feeling of doing yoga right on a dock surrounded by still, turquoise water. 

Aqua biking-  This is biking on a whole different level.  It's basically Soul Cycle but in a POOL so you get the healing power of the water with cardio benefits that are easier on the joints.   Aqua Studio in Tribeca has a gorgeous space that's worth experiencing.    

Or, of course, booking a beach vacation is always an option ;-).  OR if you find yourself really strapped for creative inspiration and can do none of these things, listen to this talk and be truly inspired. 

Photos of me: Marianna Massey
Active suit: Billabong (top, bottom)
Mat: Urban outfitters
Rope Shoes: Nomadic State of Mind