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Wild Beauty

Calla In Motion

Wild Beauty

Lindsey Calla

For years mainstream beauty has been dominated by topical treatments for whatever ails the skin, inner-body, and mind.  A little dab of lavender on the wrist to promote calm, a daily dose of hyaluronic acid to keep skin moisture levels up, the list goes on.  At Calla in Motion we believe finding balance and beauty is about letting beauty and confidence radiate from the inside out.  When I was in Austin last week I stopped by the Outdoor Voices store and noticed an array of ingestible beauty and body tonics.  One in particular was a set of wildflower essence drops, not for the skin but to ingest.  Each bottle has a special blend that promotes emotional well-being from joy to love to concentration and harmony.  It seems the trend (if we can call it that since it's been around way longer than giving credit for) is all about ingesting plant and flower essence and powders to promote healthy living.  Maybe it's part of the food industry backlash, that we've all given up hope and trust that our food is nutritious so we need to seek out concentrated forms to feel healthy or perhaps we are just rediscovering knowledge that for a long time was neglected to be passed down. Either way, the study of plants and herbs as medicine fascinates me.  Here are a few great finds if you're looking to dabble in holistic nutrition.  

Alexis Smart: We found this brand at CAP Beauty.  Different from an essential oil and aromatherapy, the flower essence is taken under the tongue.  It's the viewpoint that illness can stem from negative emotion so if you can treat and control the emotion, you can *hopefully* keep sickness away.  

The Beauty Chef Glow Inner Beauty:  A powder filled with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and amino acids.  It contains prebiotics to keep the gut healthy.  There's a great cheatsheet on ingredients here as well which helps identify the true benefits of natural ingredients. 

Moon Dust Powders:  Last time I was in LA I stayed at the Ace Hotel Downtown and grabbed a Moon Juice every morning before meetings.  They've since branched out to powders that address sleep, sex, brain and beauty and include ingredients like Shilajit, a Himalayan super herb, and Rehmannia, an herb long considered a longevity tonic in Chinese culture.  

Sport Herbs:  Most sport sport drinks are full of chemicals and artificial colors but there have been a few things popping up recently that are marketing themselves as natural sport enhancers. I really love Turmeric Alive which actually markets itself as a sports recovery drink but I recently also found Sport Herbs by Four Sigma Foods.  It's an herbal mixture with only four ingredients: Schisandra, Goji, Rhodiola, and Eleuthero. 


Photos: Marianna Massey