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Getting the Glow, Part II

Calla In Motion

Getting the Glow, Part II

Lindsey Calla

My skincare goal is to maintain a natural, dewy, quenched complexion, like I just stepped off of the beach or out of a detoxifying hot yoga class.  My skin is super dry so I'm always on the hunt for coverage that doesn't mattify or become dull over time.  Whatever I put on my face, has to have some sort of skin benefits.  I don't like to feel suffocated by layers and layers of junk.  I use makeup to try to enhance or produce a natural, glow, bonus points if it's light enough & nourishing enough to wear while doing something active.  I only wear foundation when I'm shooting photos, otherwise I'll stick with a tinted moisturizer.  This post is a bit of an update to this one.  Here's a bit about my super low maintenance routine:

Daily Routine

  • Light, daily exfoliation.  I have my moments where I do a more intense fruit enzyme peel but on the regular I use crushed brown rice and crushed dried flowers to polish my skin.  French Girl Organics Facial Polish, Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant are both great products. 
  • Maybe a Mask- If I'm flying a lot I'll make sure to use Eminence Strawberry Rhubarb mask to plump up and hydrate my skin in an instant.  If you wanna feel like you're in the tropics, their Coconut Cream mask is excellent.  Smells like palm tree islands and has real chunks of coconut in the mask.
  • Serum, oil, then makeup.  I always put on a serum and an oil on first, rather than a makeup primer because I always feel that primers dry out my skin.  The oil, especially if it's natural, creates a really dewy foundation.  My favorite is Maya Chia's The Super Couple or Rose Hip Oil (Sunday Riley is still my fave). 
  •  Cover up with products that nourish.  A lot of my beauty products have oils in them.  My skin doesn't clog easily so I don't worry about congesting my skin.  I will usually get one facial a month to take care of any of that or spot treat with clay mask in the areas that are clogged.  I like the presence of oils because it keeps my face quenched and dewy all day (not oily).  
  • Don't set with powder.  I'll never use a powder to set my makeup.  I like it to stay flexible and dewy.  The only powder I'll use is a little bronzer on my cheeks.  
  • Highlight, Highlight, Highlight.  There have been so many advancements in natural skincare when it comes to highlighters.  Mica is a consistent ingredient that has been popping up in my favorite products.  RMS Luminizers and Maya Chia The Highlight of My Day both have mica and are both amazing products that add shine and also have nourishing ingredients.  

Favorite Products Lately

  • BeautyCounter Tint Skin-  The perfect balance of coverage and dewyness.  It reflects light beautifully on the skin and is packed with flower and fruit oils to nourish.
  • Maya Chia The Super Couple-  Hands-down the best oil I've tried so far.  The Astaxanthin is 65x stronger than Vitamin C and 14x stronger than Vitamin E.  It's a terrific product for anti-aging.  I've seen a huge difference in my skin.  I use the Serum Concentrate at night for extra strength. 
  • Little Barn Apothecary Carrot Seed & Rosehip Eye Serum-   I've never found an eye cream that I've liked.  Now, I just roll this oil under my eyes and they stay bright, nourished and alert.  It's an awesome product and easy to travel with. 
  • RMS Master Mixer-  An awesome highlighter with a rose gold hue so it really works well with tan skin, enhancing a true sunny glow. 
  • RMS Uncover Up-  This is basically tinted coconut oil and it's magic.  It's great and gentle for under the eyes, which usually gets driest first for me. 
  • RMS Eye Polish in Solar-  I always get compliments on this one.  It's bronzy and shimmery and is so perfect to enhance that vacation-style glow.  Works as a highlighter or bronzer as well!
  • Maya Chia The Highlight of My Day-  This product completely blew me away.  It's like a serum but has a really intense concentration of highlighter that picks up the light so well.  I wore it for the first time this weekend and couldn't believe the glow it gave my cheeks.  I love it also because it's packed with Calendula oil, Broccoli oil, and Chia oils.  
  • Eve Lom Radiance Lift Foundation-  This is flawless on the skin.  It photographs like a dream.  I'm hooked!  It has a lot of antioxidants and stem cell extracts so it's nourishing while it's covering.  The color Bamboo is a perfect match for my skin tone.  
  • Captain Blankenship Golden Waves-  This product is vacation in a bottle.  It's sea salt mixed with shimmer using natural mica and is also packed with aloe vera to nourish hair.  

Also, I wrote an article about the awesome beauty entrepreneurship that is blossoming in New Orleans right now.  The products that are coming out of this city are so unique and helping to set the natural beauty trends all the way from the bayou! You can read it over at Mind Body Green!