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The Strength Lab

Calla In Motion

The Strength Lab

Lindsey Calla

Moves Straight From NYC's Hottest Training Gym- Soho Strength Lab

Happy weekend!  This is part II of my Fitspiration collaboration with Adidas and Refinery 29 that I am so excited to share with you!  We shot both last week's and this week's post all in one day so you can imagine how I woke up the next morning.  I couldn't even lift my arms up to dry my hair they were so sore!  I didn't mind too much though because I felt like I really got a full body workout, especially after spending some time doing these old school intense workouts.  We decided to give Soho Strength Lab a try and the second I walked through the door I was reminded of pre-season workouts back in my Division I college lacrosse days.  Sand bags, ropes, and weight sleds lined the room along the astroturf that unpleasantly reminded me of the same faux grass that caused my ACL to tear during a routine scrimmage (ouch!).  Fear aside, I knew that I would love the focus on more athletic inspired exercises.

Boutique gyms are beginning to become pretty popular not just for intense athletes looking to train but for the normal every day person who wants to really challenge themselves and find a more intimate environment.  The more direct attention from the staff/trainers on hand means better workouts with better form and intensity.  The whole gym itself was pretty small by American gym standards but there was enough room to feel like you could breathe and move around.  While we were between takes the trainer made me do more reps of these workouts instead of standing around waiting.  I pushed that giant sled up and back about 4 times in a sprint and my legs were burning.  These workouts are no joke but are designed to speed up metabolism.  Like last week, there is a Q & A and more detailed descriptions and tips from the trainer.  Below is a good stretch to do before you start working out and a bench dip that will really help sculpt the booty and legs.


Bra, Shorts, Shoes: Adidas Location: Soho Strength Lab